Everywhere you look there you are – again


Is me

In front of me

Blocking me

Preventing me

From seeing

Anything else

When I look at you

I see me

When I look around

A thousand meeeeeees

Spring up

A forest

Of trees


For the sake of me

And I’ve had enough

Buddha said if you see your beloved on the path

Kill them

Again and again

The violent death


If I have to ascend

By climbing the corpses of the ones I killed

Let it be me

And me only

Put to the sword




#there is nothing wrong with entrepreneurship and hustle but what I tire very quickly of, is my own voice. That’s why I enjoy the magazine so much

It’s other people’s voices and they are each so interesting

I can write poetry about what I learn about myself time and time again here on the blog

But in the end I’m muttering away about me and even though one humans experience resonates with many

The path is circular

I’ve learnt more lately about myself then at any other time, because I’m continually shoving myself out into the world

And shutting the door

Back I return

In meditation

A bit beaten up

And compassion brings me home, gives me a hug

I hate social media and the whole “putting yourself out there”

And yet I have to – that’s the life of an indie author and poet – indie anything – you have to own it

Or else you may as well just sit in the dark and mumble to self

Which is again, merely a different conversation with ego

That is the ego who is afraid of failure because of what it will do your ego


Every bloody turn is the plight of our ego – which is why it’s such an important spiritual battle

What I’m learning is that doubt which has always been my enemy

Is actually now my friend

It is the droll voice of my real self


“Don’t be a dickhead Kate”

And I have to laugh


Let’s not

On any level

Be a dickhead Kate.

13 thoughts on “Everywhere you look there you are – again

  1. Yes, one human’s experience resonates with many! Has done so since the first annals of receorded time. Keep recording yours!!! Oh and I’m a time traveller as this is dated tomorrow for me!! Darn, I could have used one of my favourite but underused words … perspicacious … if I hadn’t been such a dickhead to not compose a measured response ;-p

  2. This is wonderfully insightful and completely relatable. The voices get louder the more we learn. I hear you on all points here, YES🙌💗 I made a promise to myself this year that if something frightened or scared me I had to do it and so far it’s been tbe most expensive year for me as well. Life has so much color, depth and puts me in a state of awe all the time. Recognizing and thanking all of it, each layer as we peel and add more depth to its meaning. I’m so excited about the magazine project, it’s as near to my ❤ as you expressed here 😍 🤗 Great post ❤

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