Home calling

I have flowers beneath my skin

Paper petals

The memory of touch

Sinking in

Long ago

The aroma of earth

Is lodged in my nose

It travels to my brain

Recalling me again and again

To a childhood of bare feet

Red dirt

And the crackle of leaves

Dodging burrs

It’s September

And the wildflowers are out

It’s calling me home again

I’m going

Life is too short

Droughts too long

Not every September blooms

And I have faces to kiss

Shared chuckles

I miss my brothers


I’m going home

10 thoughts on “Home calling

  1. Awww I ❤ nostalgic memories from childhood lime the ones you described. I could feel autumn breezes kissing my own skin as my sister and I jump into leaf piles and runaround our front yard playing imaginary games❤ beautiful Kate🙌

  2. So beautiful !!❤️❤️ seasons bring back memories in my mind too, there is something about the smell …and the feel of the air … This is such a beautiful poem Kate ❤️

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