Propagating the Seeds of our Souls

If you meet a person who is less than perfect – it is because they are holding part/s of themselves back. It could be because they are feeling defensive and consciously or unconsciously withholding themselves or it could be because they haven’t grown into that particular corner yet.

Human beings are born whole and in every package hides a seed. This kernel is not the same one that holds the DNA of the generations that have gone before it. This seed is entirely more precious.

The brain can be rewired and only calibrates as it is taught by the world around it. The body is a lump of clay which can be moulded in accordance with what the brain and egos wishes. The precious seed on the other hand has nothing to do with clay.

As people we by and large, behave in accordance with how our brain dictates. The brain is taught by parents, teachers, peers and by experiencing life around it. The seed doesn’t need to be taught anything – it already knows everything it needs. The seed knows its purpose. It knows what it is here to do.

The seed needs to grow. It is easy to imagine a seed being carried for a hundred lifetimes (if you believe in such things) before it grows properly into the human soul that it needs to become in order to fulfil it’s purpose. That is because people are distracted. They focus heavily on doing what the brain tells them when they should be looking deeper. Our body already knows what to do in it’s perfect state and the brain can be rewired but it can only begin to listen and change when we listen to the seed – and it lies buried deep within.

So how do we begin to listen to the seed? A good place – I have found – is to start with other people. I wouldn’t normally suggest that but I had a blinding strike of inspiration this morning when someone drove past and we waved and the usual prickle of annoyance of seeing that person didn’t appear. So that helped me.

You see this someone usually has a great many opinions about people and is not afraid to state them – quite bluntly. This person also has the odd one about me – which used to erk me to the point of seething even when they said nothing because I knew, I just knew what they thought.

So I wondered why I wasn’t worried anymore. And I found it had to do with the part of myself that secretly worried their opinions of me might be true. This part had gone missing in action. Couldn’t be found. In it’s place was a little patch that was healing nicely – soon it wouldn’t even leave a scar. If you look for the parts of yourself that you are annoyed with in difficult peoples opinions then – just like checking your lipstick before you go out the door – you will be able to see a clear reflection. And that reflection will tell you the parts of you into which you need to enquire deeper.

I am not saying you are faulty. I am saying that perhaps this perceived flaw is simply an aspect of yourself which is being shown outwardly as a negative because you aren’t using it right. I’m not talking either, about nonsense that you can in fact check in a normal mirror. Stop worrying about your exterior – it won’t even matter once you grow your seed because human beings that grow older in accordance with their seeds are so stunningly beautiful that you will never have to worry about your appearance again.

I’m talking about things like this “You ask too many questions”. “You were born talking and chatterbox” were also frequent themes for me. If you have been told this constantly since you were a tiny child then listen because it might just refer to your seed. As a child I was also admonished not to “wear your heart on your sleeve “and “you’re so over sensitive” among other things. This sounds a bit awful but as the youngest in my family I was hugged as often I was verbally pecked at. Nobody meant anything by it – but it is useful intel when working out which flaws to work with and most of the extraneous ones will fall away once you

It is important to note that I seemed to grow more flawed as I grew older instead of less. There are a great many things to consider when unpacking your seed and it requires a bit of insight and time – all this information didn’t just come to me in one flash, there are older lessons here. This morning just allowed me to condense them a little.

Go back to only the earliest recollections and those oft repeated, which may echo those old ones – because they are probably the ones  you need to look at. The later ones just need to be dropped as they were probably defence mechanisms that your seed employed to protect itself.

I’m a good communicator (summary needs a little work). More than that – I am driven to communicate and share. If I hadn’t been intensely curious of life around me and then -further – didn’t feel compelled to share what I learnt – then I wouldn’t be writing this. Communication is one of my greatest gifts and enjoyments – I feel blessed to have discovered this.

Look behind the negative application of your perceived flaw whatever it is and instead start enhancing the positives. Nobody looks at a flower or a tree and says “well that is just wrong.” This is because in nature plants and animals listen to their seeds a lot better than humans do. I found it hopeful to realise that even if humans are not all perfect – their souls are. We can die with beautiful fully grown out souls or we can die like wizened stunted things – the difference is the care and attention we pay to propagating our seeds.