Moving up a level in the game

Life is long

If we are lucky.

Days blur

Weeks passing like high speed trains

The refrain of which

Echo in habits and cycles and a great deal of internal conversation

The human mind regurgitates ideas like a cow chewing cud

The same song, words, stuff goes around and around

Yet out of all this oblivion

Arise Pivotel moments

You might experience half a dozen small eruptions when you think

“I have got to change”

“I must“

But change doesn’t happen

Or it does

But is not lasting

Then there are moments

Soft as a cats paw sneaking

Silent as a flower head



Pivotel moments

When you walk through an open door

And never go back

To the way you were before

Like wind to the sails in the midst of doldrums

Search the horizon for those moments

When they arrive

Jump on

Enjoy the rise

Your next level has arrived

*and after seemingly an interminably long time striving – when the moment arrives, it is as easy, effortless and surprising as a natural unfurling of intention.