PMS Vegan chocolate cheesecake layered up in a glass with ginger nut crumbs

…And when she was bad she was horrid .. do you know the nursery rhyme?

Sometimes my eating is like that

I blame this on the hormones because it’s only now and then that I get a craving for super rich decadent stuff – the rest of the time it almost revolts me

I don’t fight it anymore because it’s scientifically proven that sweetness alleviates PMS grumpiness and tension

It’s also Kate proven.

This glass of decadence took away the headache I had all morning (another thing I only get once a month) and banished any sour mood as well. So far it’s lasted a couple of hours so here’s hoping 🤞

Here’s the deal, I had some left over silken tofu and Pana spreads – a caramel cashew and a chocolate hazelnut (from the recipe last week for protein balls – that taste like Lindt Choc)


Mousse Ingredients:

150g Silken tofu

2 1/2 tbsp Pana chocolate hazelnut spread


Blitz till amooth

Aaaand other ingredients:

6 ginger nut biscuits (Arnotts are vegan) broken

2 tsp Nutlex spread (or margarine)

Blitz in food processor

This next step is very important – don’t stuff it up.

Now take your husband’s crystal whisky glass (because he won’t argue with a female that’s already feeling punchy)

And layer it up. Crumbs then chocolate mousse then crumbs etc

Because I was feeling reckless, I added a tsp full of pure Pana cashew caramel to the middle – this turned out to be a really top decision

Keep layering and leave whichever one you want on top – I left crumbs

Put it in the fridge to set

But you don’t have to – you can eat it right now if you want and no you don’t have to share because this is one glass therefore one serving and just growl at anyone who comes close

Wait for the happy buzz to set in, won’t take long


It’s worth it 😃

Oh health benefits … Ummmm tofu is high in protein and if you add some berries you have some anti oxidants.

There is some goodness in the spreads (nuts…um well there’s nuts) but of course they also have plenty of sweetness (but not refined sugar)

Just enjoy it – everything in moderation after all.

If you want to make this for two – double the ingredients – probably won’t need double the Pana spread but taste as you go.

7 thoughts on “PMS Vegan chocolate cheesecake layered up in a glass with ginger nut crumbs

  1. Oh yum, yum and yum again 💕 Archie and I used to eat silken tofu chocolate pudding when he was a kiddo. It alleviates PMs, middle school drama and so much more.

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