Ticking bombs

The clock always ticks I never realised how loudly When time rests in your ability To use it wisely *50 books in ten years. Five books a year. One book every two months. Written, edited at least three times and looked at by beta readers. And then there is the marketing. Is it possible? Not […]

The tide of time

Condensing the superfluous to a strong tonic Then drinking that tonic every morning. Clarity is the medicine The focus point I’ve needed Forever *We did the simplest of exercises whilst away on writers retreat. What do you really want to achieve in this life? We are all dying, but at any point, no matter how […]

Light is as light does

It has rained overnight Clouds heavy, Pregnant with raindrops Releasing their burden to gravity Tumbling into the sea below Fresh water colliding with salty Skittering over balconies Curtains drawn We all lay asleep At least I did I have never slept as soundly As I do out here In this enormous cradle Rocking me gently […]