Her mind was slipping

Down one step 

Then two

A roll of paper

Escaping across the floor

But he had loved her too long

So he didn’t see it

Didn’t want to

Till she could hide it no more

By then 

There were just scraps of who she used to be

Scattered too far apart

For even his big loving heart

To pick them all up

And they blew away on the wind

Never to be seen again

Except in the brief moments

When he pressed a kiss to her forehead

And her heart noticed him standing there

But she was gone again by the time he looked up

7 thoughts on “Unravelling

    • Thanks so much I love storytelling, poetry and photography so everything seems to be coming together here nicely.
      How the name came into being is on the About page but basically I really am just a thousand bits of paper inside and out.
      On the inside I have the thousands of books that I have read and on the outside I have post it stickers and journals and notes everywhere. Nice to finally have a spot to finally start storing it.
      Do hope you continue to enjoy the blog and thank you for you lovely comments.

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