Missed Connections

If only

I should have

Could have

These words rotate endlessly

In the air about the head

Things we wish we could have 

If only


They are collective verbs and nouns

Seen in the here and now

Yet used to describe


Often with regret

Someone whose time we shared

Who now has left

And we won’t be getting back


The heart inscribes its own

Invisible tattoos

That we wear beneath our skin

Eponymous in their impotence

Whispered useless tokens

They describe our missed connections

As we walk along our path

Lost friendships

Relationships fallen through

The words uttered in haste

That revolve 



For days



In our heads

As futile as the ticket to ride

We clutch in our still disbelieving hand

As we stare at the hind end

Of the departed bus


The train left the station

Arrived too late

Missed connections

Reverberating perspectives

Seen through the 




Of hindsight and reflections
The header photo is from a dawn camel ride at Uluru. A magical way to start the day ❤️

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