The Reset Button vs Off Button

If you want to become a frustrated ball of stress

Then begin to teach yourself about a new application of technology/software/______

Nothing works as easily as promised

And what begins as a wonderful spark of inspiration

Finally grinds to a desk thumping cry of anguish some hours later

But then

We pick ourselves up and continue

Because I will not be defeated – particularly when I’m bent on realising a vision

The trouble is – frustration and impatience leads to a tangle of Christmas lights

I hate untangling things, unpicking mistakes,

So I choose to take a break

And in that gap – that gap when we walk away

Have a drink of water, read a newspaper, take the dogs for a walk or cook dinner and fold the washing

Sometimes that gap is longer and we decide to give up for the day

And continue tomorrow

That gap is so important

Because it works

It’s where some magic reset of the universe occurs

And all those things that were giving you a headache the day before

Click into place

The email arrives

The technology begins to work the way it’s supposed to

And things sort themselves out

Sometimes inexplicably

And you wonder why didn’t that work like this yesterday?

Nothing has changed

But it has – your alignment has changed

Yesterday you may have wound yourself into a knot and become aligned with the problem

Now – with a rested mind you are determined to be aligned with the solution

Whatever the reason is

It works

It is always available to us that reset button

And we get to choose when it begins and ends

So choose to reset not quit

Because at the end of the gap

It will work again

This is what I tell myself as I close the computer lid gently and walk away

Without smashing anything…


32 thoughts on “The Reset Button vs Off Button

  1. Ah, I know this one…. Gently closing the lid and walking away. Really works when I’m just out of ideas for a design and the client replies with, “It’s not vibing with me, can we try something else!”

  2. I feel your pain…I am constantly wandering how people can say something is really easy and yet I find it so hard. Particularly with computer thingies. Well done for taking a break and not throwing things around haha!

  3. I think I understand, in class, we can all be working on a document and the internet will just crash making it extremely difficult to do our work.

  4. <b.Perfect.
    I was overwhelmed on Friday and I knew that Monday was not going to be any better. It's hard for me to walk away. It takes a lot of premeditation and I don't always have time for that. Prepared for the worst, I walked into work on Monday and then decided to take things slow. That it was a new week and a new opportunity. And so I took Monday in bite sized chunks. Only the things I could, not caring about the things that were not urgent. By the end of the day I had accomplished everything and I was calm.

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