Voetry – more snippets of spoken word

Yesterday I fell down the rabbit hole of teaching myself some editing skills.

I am enjoying the journey into voetry so much that it isn’t leaving as much room for other things…like actually writing my book – let alone doing the housework – but when the muse calls…😊

By late yesterday I had my process down to about 30 minutes per video.

Someone commented that they struggle with how short the videos are but as they were intended for Instagram (where you are limited with time they had to be) I hope to do longer one’s soon – now that I know it is something I want to pursue.

Good morning – Sunday here – I hope you like these soulful snippets.

15 thoughts on “Voetry – more snippets of spoken word

  1. I think this was fantastic, really. I have to learn all these things….good, we have a goal.
    Really good job, and your English, English as in England/God ave the queen, I love the British accent. Nice poem read by a nice voice and great video, love the black and white theme.

  2. What the heck is voetry? It sounds dirty.
    I’m assuming it’s a combination of poetry with a video? Are the lines written by you, or are they read from somewhere other than your tomes?
    I think the length is perfect. What a neat idea for Instagram!

    • Yes my poetry read by me and the video is out together as well – I love doing this – and yes perfect for Instagram and just another medium to get poetry out there – I think poetry is something that everyone should read and use themselves because it is amazingly good for the mind and subconscious to download or rather offload mental burden.

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