Old Men and Papershops

Spoken Word (2)


Moved in some tuneful background to this one – Kasey Chambers acoustic – also my Boxer Bodhi makes an appearance. I love the way the elders gather outside waiting for the newsagent to open – sometimes up to 10 can be leaning around shooting the breeze.

Small towns. Love them. 22 second sound bite of my hometown.

10 thoughts on “Old Men and Papershops

    • I take the video and then come up with the poem Len – I’m enjoying it so much. I got more professional video from the app I’m using and rehashed a few of my other short poems but I really want to do some longer one’s still teaching myself all the editing etc – very time consuming – I’m happy as a beetle but the washing is piling up so might have to pull my head out of the clouds and do the real life things today 😊

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    • Hi Rosaliene – I’ve heard it called voetry so I’m going with that 😊 I just love the combo of image and words – not everyone reads these days so – it’s nice to offer something else that still is poetry. I have some more to upload this morning

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