They had a wild time

Shall we?

A poem?

Of course I’m a poet after all..

“Jesus healed the blind man

Rubbed mud in his eyes

Told him to walk to the pool of Siloam

The man came back cured

If only it were that easy

“Mud in your eye”

They cry

As they sink another drink

It’s closer than you think

The blind mans story”

So many metaphors about eyes in life isn’t there

Have you noticed?

Did you see that horses eyes – beautiful

The contrast


We turn a blind eye

Get blind drunk

An eye for an eye – the bible

Makes the whole world blind – countered Ghandi

Back to the poem. It’s not the full poem which is why it doesn’t make a lot of sense (or rhyme) either – sorry – it’s just an excerpt from one of my “epics”.

Bring back the epic I say – but they are not for small places like blogs or Instagram – more for books – and one day the rest of the poem will no doubt be published.

It’s been written in full though and it is long

Speaking of long

There was a rather long post here but I deleted it. I’m not an activist – I’m a poet and a writer

I could be both but I prefer to depict something and then leave it up to other people what they think.

And whatever they think

I don’t really mind

I know what I think

And whether it’s right or wrong

Is down to opinion


There is no right

Nor wrong

With opinions

Only different feelings on the matter

Have a lovely day, mine is just getting started here in Australia.

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  1. “Their is neither right nor wrong. With opinions only different feelings on the matter.”
    This is so true could I use this for my website and give you credit?

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