Why 100% Doesn’t Work

Don’t be dialled to 100%

Commitment is over rated


Because it leaves no space for God

No space for freedom

No space to change on a whim

No place for what’s yours to slip in

No gap for serendipity


For the doors that slide open

Appearing out of the unforeseen

You won’t even see them if you’re not there

Not in the moment

With that big broad mind wide open

Instead it is blinkered

Because you’re so busy thinking



Being this ideal version of what you thought you wanted

Don’t commit 100%

Leave a little space for God

I’m a firm believer in being 95%

It stops me from being radical

It keeps me humble

Open minded




It allows space for plans to change

For a non vegan menu

It allows something better than what I can dream up to find me

It leaves some space for God

To bless me

With ever greater things

It keeps the blinkers off

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