My books just turned up!

My books (that I was supposed to just order one of to ensure it was correct but actually got 5) just arrived in the mail.

It’s been a long time between “being proud of myself” moments

It’s a great feeling – think I will do it again and again and again.

Also Michelle (Cook) your book finally turned up too! So as soon as I get over myself I will read that and it’s raining again

Will wonders never cease!

Hope not 😁

31 thoughts on “My books just turned up!

    • Two books in a little over a month – mind you most of the work was done quite some time ago – I just collated and edited it but my husband asked why I was writing under Kathryn instead of Kate – I said Kate can barely finish her dinner whereas (obviously) Kathryn kicks ass 😂😂😂

    • Yes it’s amazing Rosaliene – to write something out of seemingly nothing and then have it appear – makes me believe in self made magic that’s for sure. Yours still hasn’t turned up – it takes a awhile here. Looking forward to it though.

  1. KICK ASS! These are monumental moments 🙂
    Your new photo is sassy and fun btw……
    Jase and I enjoyed a grand chuckle over Robbo and his OCDD in by the loo and in the waiting room 🙂

    • Hahaha poor old Robbo – that’s based on an uncle of mine you know – not the entire story (there are other old family stories incorporated into bits and pieces) but yes – had an Uncle that if he hears that song – well… he was a real character. I would love to hear what you think about that little book as a whole Mare – it is an odd one but I love it. They’re like children books – you can’t help what comes out and you love them passionately despite (or because of) their unique characteristics. Oh God hope the boys don’t read this they will get the wrong idea entirely 🙄

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