Don’t shake the Dust Globe


It had rained

I washed my car

The verandah

The floors

Dusted surfaces

Oh what joy to have the damp

Hold the dust

Turn it to mud

So it wouldn’t rise up

And smother me

This morning I awoke

To an orange sky choked

And clogged

A scarlet sun rising

Dirt falling from on high

Red dust from further west

Where it is still dry

Drifting in from hundreds of kilometres away

To lay


No wind blows it in

Yet dust is inhabiting

every pore of my skin

And I smile

At my morning meditation


I am not in control

Of anything

6 thoughts on “Don’t shake the Dust Globe

    • Would prefer beach sand but yes dust becomes oxygen around here – thought we would good after the rain but then God laughs and you just have to grin along grittily with him – obviously a him – no woman would wreck another’s house work like this – blokes and their muddy damn boots 😂😂

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