Now that I’m old – A Poem by someone else

This poem by Captain Q, I had to share. The link is below. He writes with such a dexterous grasp of humanity. The wistful words drop into my heart and make me think of the many people – that sidle along on the edges of the herd.

When my Dad was alive and old and my Mum was in the nursing home, he visited her everyday on aching knees. He would do his shopping – a solitary figure fiercely independent – into the supermarket over to the butchers and then on to the chemist.

When I went to visit he would tell me who he had conversed with that day.

They were a sparse group but when he spoke of them – the ones that stopped to chat – his eyes shone. They made his day.

These people made him feel more real and at home in the world.

And I blessed them quietly for doing that.

So many people on the edges and fringes.

It’s not just the elderly.

It’s the young people who don’t fit moulds created by fearful people who don’t know how to operate without them.

The homeless guy who may have been hit so hard by something that it scattered all his pieces – that’s the only difference between him and you and me.

He can’t find all his pieces.

The addicts – overtaken by a craving that is consuming them and turning their lives into living hells.

And all of this isn’t what the poem is about to the Captain but that is what it reminded me to think of.

Our words as poets are out of our control once they leave our heads, fall into the experience of other people and then if we are lucky and the words are memorable enough – they can turn and twist a few levers changing that persons day.

This poem did that to me.

Smile at everyone – it costs nothing. Have a chat now and then instead of storming blindly tossing things in the grocery trolley and heading out of there as fast as you can.

I’m as guilty of these things – this self directed busyness, blindness and that’s why I love this poem the most

It reminded me of what’s important. Hope you don’t mind me sharing Captain and I don’t think you’ve missed your chance to be cool – you poetry is plenty cool.

Oh and there’s heaps of other gold on his website so while you’re there, check them out.

Here’s the link – enjoy ❤️

14 thoughts on “Now that I’m old – A Poem by someone else

  1. As always thank you, it’s 2:30 in the morning here. I’m up thinking about my 2nd son, he checked himself in yesterday. Life became too much, I’m thankful he is safe.

  2. Sooo touching! Ironically, yesterday I watched an elderly man on the sidelines of the crowd. I thought how lonely he seemed and over looked. I went out of my way to say “Hello” and acknowledge him. One would have thought that I gave him a million dollars! Kindness matters!

  3. I think by the way you’ve taken the time to respond to my blog, you’ve demonstrated your worthiness to spread your warm cheer. Happy Holidays.

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