Sorry to do this – I’ve evolved again


I’ve changed the logo/widget thingy

Annoying I know


New pathways are opening up

And as my chameleon post suggested – it is time for me to stop hiding behind athousandbitsofpaper and just claim them (the paper) claim me, claim my craft.

So the site name has changed though the URL hasn’t (I don’t think) and the logo has too.

This one is has drawn and represents the journey of poetry from within to without and the healing creatively bit refers to some new pathways that are opening up.

I have a deep attachment to Athousandbitsofpaper it feels like I am truly letting part of me go.

I remember when I first opened this blog and was terrified that somebody I knew in real life might be reading my heartfelt poetry.

It was so far out of my comfort zone.

Each post was a mix of love for the poetry but terror for the exposure

Because poetry (at least the way I write it) reveals so much

But I found my truth

I got out of my own way

And to be able to stand behind my body of work without any bits of paper in the way is huge for me

It feels good

So I hope you’ll forgive another disruption to the little thingy that appears all over WordPress commenting and posting.

Funny thing with this logo – I was doodling for what I thought my new logo might look like

It came out perfect first go

As if someone else held the pen and said

Here you go

And it just felt right

So here we go

More poetry tomorrow


28 thoughts on “Sorry to do this – I’ve evolved again

    • Lily I was thinking I would do a concept sketch for a graphic designer to tidy up but I really loved it and took it to Canva (paid app) and this happened – so actually not a lot of work 😂 but I love it – would look awesome on a t shirt

      • Welcome Kate! A thousand bits of paper and you are intertwined! Your writings are beautiful, and you should be proud to have your name on them! Take your wonderful excerpts and put them all in a collective book titled:”A Thousand Bits Of Paper”

      • I can’t give up the ATBOP tag it will be incorporated into lots of things going forward – it feels jarring in a good way to see my actual name on my Insta page etc – like hey that’s me!

  1. Love the new logo and also that you’re using your own name – you have nothing to fear, your poetry is beautiful and I read every one of your posts. I’m afraid I’ve had an awful year so far but can assure you your words have gone some way to help me process it all, for which I’m extremely grateful – thank you!

    • Martin I have a theory on crappy time’s and how they are a waste of creativity if you are not plugging right into that dark place and using it to write. We discover more about ourselves and the world around us in those moments rather than when our head is in the clouds and everything is going well. I have a theory about that too – and now my brain is going bonkers trying to write a poem so.. it will show up here soon. Just for you. Thankyou for reading my poetry – and all your support on Twitter, I am trying to be everywhere at once at the moment which means I’m not showing up particularly strongly anywhere – but here on the blog is my footings so I always show up here strongly – if cyber space can have a home – this is mine.

      • Thanks Kate – you’re completely right, when I arrived in a foreign country a few weeks ago with nothing other than dread, grief and no idea what to do I wouldn’t have believed it possible to come home again with most things dealt with and a proper plan in place for the remaining monstrous issues. If i was so inclined I could probably write a fairly entertaining book on it all – though people would find it probably too far fetched! I did learn a lot though – about Germany, myself, my brother and his friends, who were good people trying their best to deal with a very ill person. As for trying to get through customs at Leipzig with a cylindrical metal container full of black powder in a rucksack – well thats another story… Thank you for thinking of me also – Ill look forward to your words as always!

      • I keep an eye out for my people and I wonder where they are and hope they are okay when they go missing. I hope you do write it down. I’m going to be teaching how to do that and exactly why it works in my next evolution. For now have some tinkering to do on my wheels (you have to read the next post …oh and probably the next 5 but I’m getting there) take care, I’m so sorry for your Dad – I lost mine in 2014 and Mum within a very short time couple of months – it’s a bit drifty and sad for awhile.

      • Sorry to hear about your mum and dad – sadly mine have both been gone a long time, it was actually my younger brother who died in Germany – he’d been ill a long time due to alcohol Issues, itself brought on by various sad things – and he was doing a pretty good job of bluffing everyone he could about it. He was a bit of a writer himself and left a lot of work behind I’m thinking about incorporating into some kind of telling of his story. It’ll take a while before I can think about it properly but I think it would be a good way to help him live on in some ways. He was always a huge Bukowski/Dylan Thomas fan though, so whatever form it might take it definitely won’t be bedtime story material for anyone under 21yrs – or maybe older…

      • I love both Bukowski and Dylan – they have a gritty reality that is very poignant to read – both genius in their own way. Sounds like a really good way to pay tribute and bring things full circle – leaving things I completed, energy left in the tank, music left unplayed is something that really bothers me these days. My husband asks why I post every day – why not save it for a book but what if I die? It can happen literally mid sentence. May as well post and then work towards other things on the side.

    • Thanks Lyn. I hadn’t look at it from that angle either – forgetting the name – ATBOP is a bit of a mouthful but it was nicely obscure which I needed at the start. I even wrote my first book and put the longer less known Kathryn on the front – this dissociation with my own name had been a bit of a weird thing in itself but I have failed at lots of things under Kate Duff – it at least I haven’t bought them to completion so I don’t think I wanted to muck it up by adding my real name. Does that make sense?

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