Full of Vegetables! Satay

Frozen veggies you need to clear out of your freezer?





Whatever you have – plonk about 3-4 cups in a saucepan and steam

Drain veges after a minute of boiling/steaming

Chop up some (1/2 a block) satay tofu (plain will still work but the satay one is so yummy and it’s what I have at the moment.

Add with the veges back to the pan – tip the sauce over the top and heat through


2 tblsp organic pure peanut butter

1 cup diced tomatos (I had some left over from a tin)

1 heaped teaspoon curry powder

1-2 tblsp maple syrup (try just 1 and if it needs a little more to your tastebuds add more – I’m happy with 1)

Lime/lemon juice to brighten or if you haven’t any, try some apple cider vinegar

Salt and pepper

Stir together well and then tip over veges and heat through to boiling

Serve with brown rice

This makes enough for two or tuck some away for later if you’re like me and the only plant muncher in the house

Alternatively – fry some chicken and do one bowl with chicken and the other with tofu – dinner done for both

Coriander is beautiful sprinkled on top

This is full of protein, fibre and tastes yummy with a little bite – if you like more spice add a bit more curry powder/chopped jalapeños or a little green jalapeños sauce.

Also – frozen veges are excellent. I hadn’t bought them in years and always bought fresh but actually frozen vegetables are just as good for you. Snap frozen as they are picked, they lose none of their nutrients and don’t spend time sitting around in supermarkets deteriorating and because you only use what you need – nothing is wasted!

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