Mug cake

Have you ever been sitting quietly reading a book and the idea of cake comes into your head so strongly that you have to get up and make it?

Mug cakes are ridiculously easy and so quick as they just cook in the microwave.

I tried to keep mine fairly healthy but there is a few I saved on mix if you want to check out a chocolate lava or something else – actually they look fantastic and I’m glad I made mine first. If this is being a read a month or so from now – go to vegan recipes and then scroll.


A drizzle of probably 1tsp olive oil bottom of a mug

Add a sliced up banana and 4 tblsp spelt flour


Add 1 tblsp arrowroot flour

Cinnamon and cloves to taste

Add vanilla

Two chopped dates

A half tsp maple syrup – you barely need it at all because of the dates and banana

Now add about 1/2 cup plant based milk – I actually had some coconut cream left over so used that

How’s the mix look? I have to ask because I didn’t measure anything properly. 🙄

If it looks nice and thick and wet good. Too runny add another bit of spelt flour

Now put it in the microwave for about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes but check it now and then

Add a drizzle of coconut yogurt and eat

Pecan nuts would be good here O just don’t have any

Comforting stuff – so yummy and once a week is not going to hurt anybody – sometimes our Spirit just needs to eat cake.

I haven’t had cake or pudding in months and haven’t wanted it either. Go figure but I’m totally satisfied now. Think I can go a few more months.

Hope you’re enjoying Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Mug cake

  1. Oh wow, that sounds good. The part about the Spirit needing cake is so true…but I know I bought the dark choc tim tams yesterday so they will have to do 😉

  2. Cake is good for the soul! I’ve seen books with these sorts of mug cake recipes but haven’t ever tried one myself. I could definitely go for choc cake and something super simple & easy, considering what a nightmare I am at baking. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to have to give it a try one day soon! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend 😊

    Caz xx

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