My Scottish Heritage comes out to play

Today I set up and launched a three tier Patreon account.

I’m busted custard but quietly chuffed as I was in the middle of signing a contract with a firm to do it all for me this morning when I instead decided to give it a go myself.

With all the deadlines and things I’ve got going on I thought I would just let someone handle it.

Did I mention my Scottish ancestry?

Well it comes out at times when I have to part with cash when there may be a chance I can do it myself. Cash to the tune of $4k in US dollars.

Long story short I’ve given myself a headache and my eyes are dry and red but I’ve got a Patreon account complete with a nifty little introduction video and well explained tiers.

Plus I’m making an ebook which will be free to my subscribers on how I did it so that other artists and writers can have a go at doing their own and beginning to make an income from their craft.

Give me the heads up if you’re already over there and I will come and subscribe.

As bloggers we give away a great deal of work for free and I get that it’s a wonderful thing to do and putting value into the world is always returned – in a different way perhaps but returned.

Instead of monetising my blog here (because monetised blogs drive me nuts) I provide a different option.

Things will stay more or less the same here – I have enough poetry to create exclusive poetry on Patreon and poetry here as well, together with posts etc but if you like me here then honestly you will love me over there so come join in.

It’s not that the poetry will be better because that is like saying you love one over another and I can’t do that because how is one poem better than another it’s not it’s just different.

So it’s the same quality just different poetry. And there will be more over there an less over here and now I’m rambling God stoke me I’m tired.

Here’s what the tiers are – in case you’re interested.

Cmon you are just a little interested ..

I’ll be quick

Well I probably won’t actually there is a bit to explain but look I’ll throw in a joke half way down to keep it light..

Tier one has all my poetry, exclusive two day lead time to Audacity magazine posted directly into a post that subscribers can retrieve and share if they wish. Quarterly exclusive poetry publications with poetry from me and maybe others that I choose from as well. There’s some really talented poets on WordPress.

It has some behind the scenes as well as extended interviews and articles that have had to be chopped for the sake of space. For the grand bill of $5 per month it is pretty damn good value. There will be discounts on books etc as well.

Tier 2 is my creative journey and it’s a warts and all tale of how I begin and continue the path to making money from doing what I’m good at and what I love – which is kind of the point of the creative.

We take risks and wonder will it be okay? There isn’t anywhere to turn to see if something works or not.

This is behind the scenes me. Prep and travel to places and interviews. Vlogs blogs what works what doesn’t and what is driving me crazy but also all the big victories (I hope) made all the sweeter by other people to share it with who know the story from the start.

New creative ideas I have, putting them into practice and seeing if they work.

Fails, wins, laughter and the odd moment of tears …probably – sounds like a reality tv show and it sort of is as it builds content I guess.

My latest fail will be up tomorrow afternoon, except that I’ve decided it’s not a fail it’s a choice damn it. Find out why I made it and what the repercussions will be. Is that a teaser? Why yes, yes it is. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Seriously I like human stories of quests so I would be really interested in this tier if someone else did it. So I did it instead.

There’s other stuff, heaps of value you can read it on the site if you’re interested and there will be discounts and merchandise down the track as well as discussion groups and lots of things that I haven’t thought of yet.

Podcasts – every man and his dog have a pod cast and I’m thinking I could have one …be a bit like the two ronnies but why not?

But no pencils.

I think it is a steal at $10 and I would rather have this tier where you also get access to everything below it as well.

Okay and then there is the last tier and it is $20 per month – for this you get direct access to me in my role and experience as a creative coach.


This year (and the end of last) I have also been studying my bum off (positive psychology) and putting into practice what I have learnt in my own life.

If it feels like reading what I’m up to sometimes is a bit like a rocket ride – that is because it is.

I’ll share how I got so damn feisty and audacious (because believe me I was not before) more of the story “over there” (as we shall henceforth call the Patreon) because last year about this time I was not in a good place.

At all.

When I look between here and there I am amazed. Properly amazed, at what discarding beliefs that did not serve me and choosing new processes has changed in me.


And I can show you how it’s done.

One free zoom session a month, plenty of articles and free books (once I create them) and a whole lot of tools to get anyone out of a creative or spiritual rut.

Later on there will be quality webinars and information that will totally blow your hair back but right now frankly I’d go the $10 tier

This last one is a slow build but a quality one with good foundations. Might take a little while to get the good stuff in there but once it starts to build over six months then it will be well worth the money and maybe an upgrade to have access to the entire site.

So with “if you build it they will come” echoing in my ears I did and saved money on the deal.

That shop is now open.

And I know it’s ridiculously pantsy to open a shop in the middle of a pandemic but hey…people are still buying damn coffee and this is like one or two coffees a month for great value and entertainment.

And that’s it for my blog post tonight because my eyes are burning and I think my fingers are about to quit.

My blog here and you guys remain ever special but I have got to find a way to make my creativity pay and it has to be in a way that I feel delivers value and I love doing or there is no point.

This is the next step. Please follow me if you can over there because I would love to have your feedback and support but if not I get it.

And I will still be here as well just not as regularly as I would like.

Because a girl’s gotta sleep sometime โค๏ธ

Oh PS magazine is going great – on schedule for release 1st September right on time. Email me to get on the list (that only delivers you the magazine and doesn’t spam you) at or if you become a subscriber “over there” you get it in a blog post” two days early – best get on my tricycle tomorrow and back into it because I have missed a day dabbling today.

And I forgot the joke and can’t think of one now but if you have one leave it below ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks guys ๐Ÿ’•

10 thoughts on “My Scottish Heritage comes out to play

  1. How exciting!! I’d not heard of Patreon before and I’d probably have thought it a character from a Transformers’ movie – the sheltered life I live here in the Breton sticks ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope thst it goes really well and that you get some rest in too!!

  2. Kate I have hardly been on here of late (pandemic reflection and madness of work and rest) so I was so excited to see this as the first post Iโ€™ve read in ages! Go you…and embrace that Scottish heritage…we are fabulous ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ.

    • So lovely that youโ€™re back! Yeah the real world has a way of shifting us sideways and having us do backflips at times. Hahaha I sense a fellow Scotswoman – we just do stuff ourselves. Found another amazing little money saver in having my book cover (for the paperback, I can do the ebook design myself) only $35 and she has done an excellent job.

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