This is a blatant advertisement and teaser – don’t be sucked in by it – don’t look. Alright don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

Like I said

It’s a blatant teaser and you shouldn’t be sucked in.

Yet here you are. Bon, you will be here you nice human and no doubt others will pop in as well. Thanks.

So here we go…

The new magazine is live on my Patreon site right now.

It will sit there quietly for two days every month, ahead of the official publication date, available to subscribers of any of the tiers as a benefit.

A small donation to me buys you a way to cut through anticipation. I wouldn’t be sucked in either. Actually I would, because I lack patience and as a Leo am partial to a bit of VIP treatment on a fish hook. So I thought others might be as well, hence the blatant teaser.

Look I have to publicize myself because the budget for staff and a PR department has run out. Girl has to eat so, if you want to subscribe you can be reading the magazine right now. The link to the Patreon is here

On Monday or perhaps even Sunday, everyone that has signed up via my mail chimp auto thingy located here:


will receive a copy of the code for the magazine which they simply click to go on through to read. For free.

Subscribers to this blog by email don’t automatically receive a copy sorry – I will go and check but the best way to ensure that you receive a free copy of the magazine is to simply fill in your email on the automated email capture link above.

The only thing you will receive each month as a subscriber on that link is a copy of the magazine so no spam. It’s a no-brainer. Just do it if you want to read the magazine and if you don’t I shall assume you don’t want to read it on a blog post here either. Is that a slightly petulant, piqued tone? Oh probably, but it will blow over – the sun is shining and I want to get outside.

Righto – that’s the end of my update. Stunning weather today so I’m headed away from this damn computer, that I have been set before for the last month while I figured out so many things about making magazines, learning to create a virtual background for zoom meetings (to avoid the dread view of my husband’s messy desk behind me) building Patreon sites and more.

Issue 2 is now underway and it looks even bigger than this month…but it can wait until next week.


Big love to you all. Wahoo wahoo, I am headed outside!

Kate X



5 thoughts on “This is a blatant advertisement and teaser – don’t be sucked in by it – don’t look. Alright don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

  1. Gahh, I fell for the teaser or do we call it clickbait these days 😉 I’m a Leo too and obviously waay too curious to be able to resist! Hope you have a good day away from the screen and good luck with the launch! Crikey, Sept already!!!

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