It’s out! My new book is finally published

The steps we take within is out now in ebook or paperback version.

I would love it if you could grab yourself a copy at the introductory price (which will extend through to the end of the week) paperback

31 thoughts on “It’s out! My new book is finally published

      • The new magazine issue is great too. It’s wonderful that you feature others in the WordPress community in this way, and great that you’ve pushed ahead with the magazine… the closing thoughts especially resonate with me, given that I took the step of formally publishing last year…and then another book (albeit comprised of the work of others) just flowed a mere 6 months later. We have so much potential and ability, and like you say, it’s just a matter of DOING it, without waiting for anyone’s permission or invitation.

      • Thankyou Yacoob, congratulations on your forging ahead with your own dreams. I like to feature other WordPress people because (a) there’s a lot of talented people in here and (b) it’s a special sort of place that unless you are part of it, you don’t understand.

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