Your story?

The theme for the magazine this month is synchronicity

Has anyone got a story where they have found themselves in the right place right time right person situation?


Looking back can you see synchronicity weaving it’s magic through your life?

I love all the little stories that I’m hearing since I began talking about this with people this month

Life is fun…and we are being led (should we choose to take notice) by an intelligent energy that flows through everything and everyone

Pop your story in the comments if you like or email me – I’m including a few in the magazine 😊

I also find it deeply comforting and reassuring – synchronicity occurs everywhere in nature and when it occurs in my own life I realise

Yes, I am truly just a piece of this magical universe

7 thoughts on “Your story?

  1. I love this idea f synchronicity stories. ☼ Your last line — yes! ☼ I’ll give it a think. I have
    a poem about something that at first looked like disaster but became an epiphany. Is that something like what you mean? ♥.

  2. Too many stories to share. But recently….I couldn’t get my truck registered in California, so I needed to look for another vehicle. I didn’t have much money. But then, for some strange reason Social Security put $5,000 dollars in my account with no explanation. I decided to go for a drive, turned off in this town I had never been. Passed a lot that looked like a junkyard, but with a sign for used auto sales. Now keep in mind, I cannot sell my truck in California. The used car dealer, a Turkish guy named Atilla, almost cried when I looked around and was ready to leave, he said wait wait! There is a car for you, it is going to be here in 20 minutes. It was perfect, a large SUV that I could live in if need be, with new engine, new tires, new transmission, new radiator, new many other things. For $5,000! the extra costs, $800, he used my truck as exchange for.

  3. I love these moments too! Here’s an example of one from last year. I was working in the boutique I manage and a delightful woman came in to shop. I quickly picked up on her Australian accent and asked where she was from. She went on to tell me she was visiting the hotel to sell her wine as she is a representative for D’arenberg vineyards. I told her about a dear friend of mine who runs a vineyard in Adelaide. She asked me his name. When I told her, she froze and looked at me with astonishment. That was the vineyard she represented and she knows my friend well! The next piece of information further blew her mind…we were in Dallas, TX and my friend and I grew up in a little town 10 minutes outside of NYC called Wyckoff, NJ. She was so blown away, as was I!! She gifted me 2 bottles of their red wine which were delicious and we laughed about how small the world truly is. We snapped a picture too to remember the moment and make a memory. I just love these kinds of moments the Universe gifts us 🥰🌏❤✨

    • Such a cool story – that feeling of a small world – it happens so often – we think things are large and out of control instead they are small and perfectly balanced and flexible. We have everything we need, we just have to recognise it. Thanks for sharing Maria. 💕

      • Absolutely, it was a hug from the Universe for me. I agree with you because I see the Interconnectedness and onesness of all. It’s a beautiful space of acceptance for living a balanced life as you stated. Love to you Kate ❤

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