Baking for the soul

How often as a woman

Do we bake for just ourselves?

Dreaming of biscuits and taking ingredients from the shelves

Piling them in a bowl with a smiling sort of hum

And mixing them together


Sliding them out, all warm and crispy brown

Heavenly scented, a little treat

Made just for ourselves

With love

*how often? We grab stuff while we’re shopping, label it silently, label ourselves as we scoff it down between tasks.

Steve’s away. Since my love of cooking has been reignited with a thermomix I have simply continued cooking everything S I normally would. But just for myself. Fresh loaves of bread every few days. Hearty soups and today a batch of Anzac biscuits – just because I felt like some.

Cooking for one, especially when it’s just me is something that I never did before. We get so burnt from looking after everyone else that it’s nice to have the break

Or so we tell ourselves. I love my home made yogurt. Home made granola and everything else. It feels like I’m spoiling myself and I have to admit – I love it.

4 thoughts on “Baking for the soul

  1. I’ve actually contemplated a Thermamix. Would you recommend it? The picture looks like a mix of cookies and muffins, like a hybrid goodie not available on the market 😋

    • I absolutely recommend the latest thermomix V. I was on the fence for years with them but the latest one is connected to the internet and has a lot of features that the older models don’t have. I was worried I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the price but I use it several times a day and really enjoy cooking with it. I have minimised my entire kitchen around it and now instead of having cluttered cupboards I just have the thermomix which lives on the bench. A slow cooker and a couple of pots and pans. Oh and baking trays and cake tins. It’s been a game changer

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