Perpetuating thought

I don’t wish to dwell on troubling things, the day has been littered with enough of them

They fall upon the mind and it holds them like a hook

Or a bouncing ball that my palm sends downwards and away, it hits the wall rebounds

You cannot not think about something by not thinking about something – see, around it comes again

We send it in an envelope stamped with our own address

Consciousness, the ever diligent Postman Pat

Here it is, dropping through the door that stands ajar whilst I sit here stuck in a ponder

I step outside and wander aimlessly

The evening is scented with shower damp dust, a breeze stirs the trees and evening crickets all about me softly click in conversation

The sun is low and golden, it paints the pale thick grass in the paddocks that runs away as far as my screen shortened eyes can see

Blue skies, pink lined clouds, a squadron of ducks form a triangle heading south

I watch them and gradually ease my shoulders down

Listening, I ground my bare feet in sun warmed earth,

Falling into nature I cease to think, and what is gone from the mind is gone from experience

I could disappear,

But my thoughts would be lonely without me here, to breathe life into them

*Photo courtesy Anton Darius Unsplash

24 thoughts on “Perpetuating thought

  1. We writers think for a living. Gets very tiring. I fly fish and used to play the piano– you can’t think about a thing. Walking doesn’t do it. Has to be something you fully concentrate on. Probably any musical instrument–must be why it’s so popular with the young. But fly fishing is great. You are just concentrating on the cast and moving around in the river. Hours go by and you are aware of nothing but the stream and maybe a bird or two.

  2. I feel like I’ve lived this line: “You cannot not think about something by not thinking about something”.

    Thanks for another beautifully articulated piece.

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