The Dirty Thirty Challenge

A quick one!

I only just heard about this today, luckily it is day 1 so it was perfect timing.

This is a Facebook challenge for poets. A mass gathering centred on one thing – writing a poem a day for thirty days and posting within the group.

In honour of the beginning of Ramadan todays prompt was “abstinence”

My effort is below – as you know I rarely overthink poetry and whatever comes comes – this is what arrived and I didn’t edit it.

It’s fun, challenging and a great connection to thousands of other poets around the world. One thing is for sure – the answers and poetry differ greatly, no two poets write with the same blood. Because our souls sing different tunes

I feel your absence in my clear eyes
Full heart
Early starts
I feel your absence in my strong mind
Hopeful thoughts
Calm smile
I feel your absence and it is like a friend that walked in
Instead of leaving
I feel your absence and I am cleaving to this feeling
I feel your absence
And I am joyful for living
It sounds like something is missing
Stern and hard and difficult
Alcohol? Is just another word for the damage we do to ourselves when we can’t have just one of anything
Because one doesn’t solve anything
Is holding a gun to all the toxic behaviours that we distract ourselves with when the truth hurts
Abstinence saves us saying
“Get out of my body, and don’t ever come back”
Abstinence is a sword
But it only attacks - that which is unnecessary
For living a beautiful life
Abstinence - the end of lies
#thedirtythirty2022 #day1 #abstininence

I urge you to take part even if you have never written poetry – we all have songs that sing under our skin – bring them out so you can see what they are trying to tell you.

Also – the more you create the clearer you become and clarity is a goal worth seeking in and of itself. So don’t be worried you won’t be able to keep up or write that much – turn on the tap, stand beneath and let it wash you clean.

If you’re taking part let me know so I can keep an eye out, it’s just too hard to keep track of everyone and get something done as well 😊

11 thoughts on “The Dirty Thirty Challenge

      • You’re welcome! I understand! Have a beautiful weekend my friend. I’ve been a bit behind in writing and reading as I presented to 140 parents, total, in two days. I was so nervous at first, Kate. I’ve been out of practice. It went beautifully and I even sold 60 books. I began my week with technology issues. And thanks to the sales I was able to go get a new computer today. I’ve been operating my new writing life on a $250 dollar piece of junk, lol. I’ll be excited to spend a bit more time on it tomorrow. I hope you have a beautiful weekend my friend. ♥️🤗

      • Karla that is outrageously good! 60 books you must be (should be) over the moon. Plus presenting – which must have been nerve wracking but oh so good at growing your confidence. That’s brilliant news my friend, I wish you more weeks like that one. Have fun on your new computer and congratulations again and again and again. My heart is full of happiness for you. ♥️

      • Thank yo so much, Kate! Yes, I’m still over the moon. It’s a bit surreal. Yes, it was good to grow my confidence again a bit. It’s been a long 7 year journey of getting to that point! Thank you for your support, friendship, and encouragement. ❤️💛💕

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