Tomorrow is only a day away, but a lifetime arriving

“Tomorrow” is a key word in the language of addiction and remaining stuck

“Tomorrow I will…” is self manipulation and lying.

Tomorrow allows a slip of the collar that encircles what needs to be done right now

Tomorrow is an ephemeral hopeful wistful flower we pluck and crush underfoot

Tomorrow is the dream of the optimist and the crutch of the weak

Tomorrow should be banished from the language of today

“Now” is the only time to begin anything

Now is the moment. It is the scruff of the neck by which we drag ourselves to the carpet of possibility and potential

And then learn the habit of showing up repeatedly, by showing up repeatedly

Now is the the gift, the hope and the only timeframe in which we can accomplish anything

Now is all we have got and the only place and time we can be focused powerfully

As a life long procrastinator and frequent self delusionist my new mantra has become “The moment has arrived” and then I get things done

True story! If you want to arrive at a place of productivity and inner satisfaction welcome to the moment, it is here, let’s begin whatever it is you want to achieve – and banish the word tomorrow from your vocabulary – it serves nobody except those who peddle in fridge magnet to do lists and calendars.

When I say to myself “today I want to write 2000 words on my book” it creates a sense of urgency to get it over and done with. When I say “tomorrow I want to write 2000 words on my book” it’s a kind of vague and comfortable goal that makes me feel like I am still going to achieve something, just not yet.

This can be the problem with setting an intention for the future but not focusing the impetus in the present. It is the trouble with journalling and to do lists and calendars.

Perhaps we write a desirable future dated outcome down, and then some slippery part of brain lets us off the hook in the moment. It gives us a false sense of relief. The next day, if we don’t follow through on the promise to ourselves, then we fall short of our own expectations for ourselves. That lack of integrity becomes a self defeating trap we fall into repeatedly until we don’t even believe ourselves anymore.

And if we don’t believe ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to have faith in our ability?


18 thoughts on “Tomorrow is only a day away, but a lifetime arriving

  1. I like your new mantra, “The moment has arrived.” When beginning a long-term commitment to a lengthy writing project, I do need to have a future vision of what I hope to achieve. Nevertheless, it’s what I do each day that gets me to the finishing line. >By the way, I wouldn’t do away with the word/concept of tomorrow. It helped me to get through a dreaded eye laser procedure knowing that tomorrow it would be a thing of the past. Go figure!

  2. Wow, so true! This is fantastic. Thanks for the eye opener, I will reread it when I procrastinate. My favorite is that tomorrow lets us off the hook for today but tomorrow never comes.

    • It does let us off the hook doesn’t it! Great saying. I think it’s human to procrastinate, but it’s such a waste of energy as I spend a great deal of time coming up with excuses while still feeling it hanging over my head. May as well just do it and be done. That said, I have a todo list with things on it that could have been done yesterday. Consciously drawing the line has to be done because otherwise I wouldn’t sleep 😊

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