The life-changing list of awesome things

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast (how many of my blog posts begin from listening to a good podcast? Plenty because we draw inspiration from around us) with the author of the blog 1000 Awesome Things, who went on to compile his blog into a book which became, like his blog – a best seller.

Happiness is a choice and an intentional habit. That isn’t Pollyanna’s theory – it’s a simple truth. Happiness is more about noticing an experience than it is about the experience itself. Because we often miss the experience due to distraction.

Happiness is available to everyone, rich or poor. It is the one thing that the poorest people on earth, and the richest can all share, because it doesn’t require money.

The best things in life are truly free.

Yesterday afternoon, I took all of my phone, watch and other chargers out of my room and into my office. I parked a little notebook beside my bed instead to record my first few thoughts. This morning I woke up to no phone. I wrote in that notebook, three things. What I was letting go of today, what I was focusing on, and an awesome thing. Then I went and grabbed a coffee. I still didn’t look at the phone. Instead I sat down and wrote three A4 pages full of awesome things. It was effortless and energising.

In writing those three pages I fed my brain a series of happy thoughts, and it fed them back to me as fast as I could write. Things like:

walking into a brand new hotel room and finding the view is amazing

suddenly hearing a favourite song

dancing with my sons

ocean swimming

salt air

fresh sheets

A big relaxing breath

A big relaxing stretch

Lamplight and a good book

jumping into bed in winter and the electric blanket is on

fireplace and a good book (good books are an awesome pattern for sure!)

delicious food

my dog when she is all comfy and sleepy in her bed

my dog when she dances towards me happy to see me

my dog…

soft jumpers

warm socks

snorting laughter with my best friend

a great joke

when that song comes on

There is no end to awesome things, and once you get started, it’s really hard to stop writing. Try it.

Noticing the great experiences and moments in life is so easy to do. It is easier for some than a gratitude practice and to be honest, it is easier for me to recall highlights in the past then it is to notice the good things right now.

In the present moment, our brain can be focused on looking ahead for pain and trouble; it is how we are wired. But when you send your mind on a search mission for all the awesome things you love, you suddenly realise – those awesome things didn’t happen in a parallel universe – they happened in our everyday life. We can become more adept at noticing them every moment, recreating them every moment, and appreciating them, every moment.

reall good soup and fresh home made bread



going outside at night and noticing the stars

a full moon rising

lemon scented gum leaves after you mow

the smell of lawn clippings

Sunshine on my shoulders in winter

Seeing family smile, feeling it light up my heart – bloom

reading a beautiful line of poetry that resonates

creating a beautiful line of poetry that explains exactly how I feel about something

watching a poddy lamb drink from a bottle, it’s little tail squiggling in delight

holding your freshly bathed and sleepy child

reading them a book and hearing all the questions

that smell that recalls a great memory

Life can then become incredibly rich and enjoyable.

We simply have to notice that it already is.

12 thoughts on “The life-changing list of awesome things

  1. Absolutely LOVED this, Kate. When I read over your happy moments, I recalled so many of my own. Happiness is contagious – like the flu but way more fun. I love that you wrote about the view when you enter your hotel room – I LOVE THAT!

    • And the way that hotel sheets are so crisp and snapped down, and how you get up in the morning and the coffee is Right There. So many awesome things, I have been noting them all day and there is such an abundance of awesome things that I do believe my life is far more awesome then I realised 🫶😁❤️

      • When someone gets EXaCTLy what you’re talking about, when you make someone just as stupidly happy as you are even just for a minute….when tea is cooked and the kitchen is tidy before 5pm so it only needs heating up later, when all the clothes are ironed and back in the cupboard and there is nothing in the laundry basket (even if it lasts barely an hour) When you wake up and realise it’s Sunday not Monday, pyjamas, hot showers, dry crisp bath mats….I swear I have been happy all day! And that is incredible 🌟❣️

  2. Really great post. I agree, in many ways happiness is very much a choice. It’s about what we choose to focus on and how much gratitude we show.

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