Sun Showers

Clouds amass on the horizon

Building monstrously

Thunder rolls ominously

The smell of earth bound water drifts on a strengthening wind

Terrified of storms

I hunker down



But then the wind changes

The clouds blow south

Nothing much eventuates

Silver light splinters the clouds

The sun comes out

Warming my cold hunched shoulders

It’s all passed

Nothing more dramatic then a gentle shower

Enough to wake me again to the folly of worry

Storms blow over

And those that don’t

Are here to grow the grass

Wash the trees

And restore clarity

Not all lessons are meant for me

Some are just weather patterns passing through

Shadows blanket the ground

They are the reflections of clouds

High above



Life is not for getting all caught up

In mental storms down here

But rather


What needs to change

Before the next one blows in

It’s the end of the financial year, and many things must be tied off neatly. I’m getting there. Sorry for the absence; it’s a habit of mine – to disappear when things get busy. No choice, I’m afraid; there are only so many balls I can juggle at once, and writing deeply requires attention and space to think deeply. The thing is, though – pressure and emotion tend to release into poetry, so I may as well pick the flowers of that prickly thorn bush while they are around. I hope you are all well.

11 thoughts on “Sun Showers

  1. Kate, I always miss you and feel such joy when I see you. I understand you completely. In the ebbs and flow of life, I can get overwhelmed and just…stop. I halt. It’s almost paralyzing (does that make sense?). Your words are salve to my soul. We are expecting severe storms tonight~just like the storms of life might blow in or magically, move another way, there’s some “product” left behind. Your words amaze me. You’re such a gifted writer and beautiful soul~…”And restore clarity
    Not all lessons are meant for me…
    Some are just weather patterns passing through”…I love this so much! It spoke volumes to me! Kate, I’m so happy to know you and carry on, when able, our collaborative conservations and likeminded spirits. Much love and hugs 💛

    • It amazes me that words can have such profound effects on we humans, both the ones that others speak to us and those that we tell ourselves, the ones that reveal themselves to us and the ones that seem to enter our consciousness unbidden or rise on prayer from our hearts and souls. And they are often of their own nature and mostly out of our control too when we are unconscious to their power, to our birthright in being given a language to use. Words define our experience, our life, they describe it back to us, either scaring or soothing, loving and peaceful or harsh and demanding. They well from deep inside us like tears of joy, tears of pain. But the most amazing thing of all with words is that we are able to choose them. Perhaps not the ones that other people use toward us, but the ones we use ourselves and are also able to give to others.

      For you Karla, here are some words, health, strength, resilience, fortitude, love, faith, joy. I hope that you can take them inside you and let them work their magic on your experience. Until then – long walks and hikes in nature, as much as you are able. In every breath I hope that cancer untangles from your system a little more and is released into the air behind you so that you can return to shining abundant health X ❤️💥

      • Kate, this brought tears to my eyes. You amaze me. I copied and pasted this response in notes. Your stunning descriptions of words and language blows my mind. It says directly what I can’t put into words. The words you chose for me will be the force of nature to keep me walking~moving forward ~”I hope that cancer untangles from your system…released into air….return to shining…Kate, it will take a miracle. And I believe. I dream of that day. My oncologist looked at my 82 year old Dad and then me and said, “You are not him.” Yes, I know my cancer is inoperable and too far spread for surgery. But oh, that Dr is wrong. My Dad has overcame 3 cancers, brain aneurysms, congestive heart failure,…I think I can be just like him. Thank you for being you. You are one of the most unique and beautiful souls I’ve ever known. What a blessing for me. 💕💛🤗

      • It’s my blessing, Kate. Thank you. Little feet are coming down my hall. A visit from son and family~it’s healing ❤️‍🩹 and I’ll soak in the next 6 days. Be well my friend. Xoxo

  2. Always great to hear from you, Kate 🙂 The end of a financial year is always a headache. Ours end in December followed by tax season in April, the most dreaded time of the year for me.

  3. What a wonderful poem. My favourite was when the sun came out and everything started to get better. Hope you’re being gentle with yourself Kate – I love your blog xx

  4. Beautifully written. We all have these periods of time and I think it’s worth stepping back, resting, and coming back when we are full than writing halfway.

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