Water divining

Outside the sky is polished silver Thunder ripples Sky gongs bonged to call distraction to attention My brain is grinding words slowly Granular meaning, awkwardly applied The plumbing is rusty from lack of flow Many are discarded Few make the cut My dog jerks at another roll of thunder I murmur words of distracted comfort […]

Why write?

Why are you writing this Or that Or anything? I write what I need to hear I ask questions And then wait for the reply to appear That’s how it began and that’s how it continues I guess. It’s a system, a process that works. Header photo – old falling down pub Wyandra Qld. More […]

Strangling Words

A word After a word After a word With each adding depth to the meaning Of the one which came before it As few as possible Not necessarily beautiful But true That is how things should be written Not The magnificence of the omnipresent moment adds splendid divulgence to the optical illusion that we are […]