The daily divulge

Poetry is the untangling of the mind

To a writer

At first it is difficult


And you will mutter things like

I hate bloody poetry

But as the knots unwind


The lights come out to shine

Blinking on and off


After that

It’s a daily thing

Of course it becomes easier

But if you have a complex mind

A busy life

You have to keep untangling


Here we meet again

*am I wasting time blogging and writing poetry (which is the same thing to me at the moment) when I could be spending these words and energy on my novel – where I currently pump out about 3000 words average a day – sometimes more, many more but that is my set point?


I have found that my poetry and the blog are so integral to my storytelling that I can’t do without this basic first step.


Getting over myself

Poetry is to the mind

What yoga is to the body

First the mind is cleared and stretched

Then the story comes out to play

Stripey (my main character) does not wander in with her Coffee mug and crash on my couch until I have sung some poetry to her

Like a cat

She comes when she is ready


Poetry is life

I cannot live without it

Now I’ve got to go write some story – it’s heating up I’m past 40,000 and I absolutely love it – writing is weirdly like reading or watching a movie. I have no idea where it is going, I just run along behind with a notebook taking notes.

Tried to do plot planning notes earlier last week – yeah that didn’t work Stripey doesn’t take instructions from humans …feel a bit embarrassed to have even tried 😂

13 thoughts on “The daily divulge

  1. I subscribe to your approach, letting the words take me where they wish. What’s the worst that can happen, that you have to discard and rewrite when the purpose crystallizes? So be it. That’s why it’s art. Cheers!

  2. Poetry is life ❤️ Sometimes I notice I’m rhyming my own thoughts in my head…. Seriously… 🙃 Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re an amazing writer with a beautiful mind!

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