Revisiting Visiting Hours 

There is a place in my mind

Where I meet you there

Every day at 2pm

Well not every day anymore

Just sometimes

Maybe every second day

A crack in the chair

A crack of light 

Through blinds



No more

She is gone

And I wander about in circles

Just for a minute 

Or five 

Because it’s been awhile now

And you should stop thinking about it



What could have been

If they had made different choices

But they didn’t 

So glance away

Lean on the bench

Tick tick

Of the clock

And it’s five minutes past

And the time in my heart when I’d always meet you there

Has moved on

But it’ll call me further on

At 2pm

Perhaps Monday

Or Friday

Or while I’m shopping in Woolies

And that lady there

With the silvery hair

Who tilts her head 

Just so

Breaks my heart

Let go

For godsake just let go

Pick up some breakfast cereal

Why is it 

What is this?


I don’t like fruit in my cereal

Perhaps one with nuts

Why is it?

Why is what?

That things out of the blue hurt so much

Then leave

And you’d think you could be normal

Grocery shopping

For Christ sake 

Because sometimes things become ingrained 

Then inflamed 

Flare up

Like arthritis on a cold day

Pain in the knee

In the heart

Gives you a start

These things

You carry them within

Whether you want to or not

People can be burried

But memories cannot

They can only be carried

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