In here

There are parts of me 

I don’t want anymore

So I’m putting them out on the kerb

And leaving them at the door

I’m taking out this one 

That pleases other people

Someone may need it

Someone may keep her

So I’ll leave her just here

A crumpled up suit

With wine stains on the lapel

An old tissue in the pocket

And some lint in the lining 

A piece of paper 

An old bent cigarette

And  I’m taking out the part 

That reminds me every single second

Of every single day

Of all the things I’ve done wrong

Some memories just aren’t worth


So that’s out there too

You can have it 

When you drive by and stop

Shocked at your good fortune

To see all this good stuff

Sitting out here

For free

But don’t bring it back to me

And say 

I remember 

Because I won’t 

Not mine anymore

But you have it

Good riddance

And I’ll take out the part

That fills up my heart

With ether

For it’s useless

And I need that space for more important things

Then people who didn’t bring

Me anything in return

For what I yearned

So yearning is thrown out too

And then there is this box of assorted junk

Plastic smiles

And cracked ideals 

Masks that don’t match

The way that I feel

Like mismatched china

And tubs without lids

Old toys 

That even kids

Don’t want to play with anymore

Maybe I should just burn this stuff

I think, pausing thoughtfully 

But still

Someone may need it


I retreat 

And shut the door

And sit here with all this fresh



Wondering what new things 

Will come along to fill me up

For sure I’ll choose more wisely this time

And won’t let it get cluttered up

I’ll never let it get so messy again

In here

7 thoughts on “In here

      • Why of course everyone is it just takes awhile to peel the crap off and be kids again. I’m sitting on this beach watching kids running at the water – a little girl has half her togs up her bum and she is laughing at her brother and I just think – oh God when did we lose that joy – have a lovely day ❤️️❤️️😊

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