My beautiful Skin

Hello cellulite

Hello little dimple

I know your name

But I haven’t met this new wrinkle


Welcome to the skin

That I live in

You’ll have lots of company

Look to my thigh

There are freckles there



And as you climb higher

A stretch mark enfolds

Where I’ve lost weight

Or gained it

I can never remember which

But every little stitch

And scar

Belongs to me

On this vast 

landscape of my skin

And I used to hate some bits

Spent years staring at that

And this


That I didn’t like

But you know if you look at everything you don’t like

You get more

And what a lot of wasted time that was


I realised

That the lady over there

Doesn’t have any hair

Because she is having chemo instead

And that fellow can hardly rise from his chair

He has eaten so much that now it has turned on him

And what he once et

Is now eating him 

And that girl is so thin and so sad she will die

Bones sticking out of her skin

A skeleton that hates from within

And that man surfs with one leg

The other blown off in the war

So he is glad of what he has left

A life

And so am I

So come on my bunch of freckles

And my slightly wrinkled skin

Come on my dimply stretch marks

Let’s dive in

And let the surf

Caress and kiss

Loved from without

And loved from within

My beautiful skin

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