Don’t judge yourself out of a job

Ever had those days when you can’t escape the voice in your head that is judging you?

Every word, every action offered up for the judge to judge judge judge.

I have written three posts this morning – lengthy ones. All crumpled up and tossed (figuratively speaking at least 😌).

So this is where I am at. Me and the Judge – or  – as she is urging me toward better grammar – the Judge and I😉

A Mexican standoff😑

Until now.

 I got sick of her in my head and bought her out here in the open.

There you go Judge have a go.

Here have the keyboard – type away. ….


And look at that – just like most judgemental people when you hand them the job and say “well here you go – you do it better if you can”.

It/they don’t – can’t – won’t.

So here is my two cents for the day.

Don’t let the judging fool in your head judge you into a standstill. 

Some days will be great – some not so good. Some will look amazing and you’ll be all out of hands because you are using them to high five yourself all day. 

Sometimes you will produce dross and sometimes gold but don’t let it stop you producing.


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