Life in the Box.

We live in a box. Everything that we are, everything that we consume and all our reactions live in the box with us. All that we are now, were yesterday and ten years ago, our future potential is locked down to the narrow confines of a box.

A frightening thought.

Do you want to live with anger, fear, loathing – well if you have those things within you and are consequently reacting from these places – then yes, they dwell in the box called by your name.

Everything that we put into our bodies – be it food, drink or experience – lives in our box.

Last weeks fatty meal. Todays lunch. Social media.  The nightly news – in our box. The opinions of the peanut down the road, your friend, your spouse  along with all of your past habits and reactions – in your box with you. If you choose to carry them.

As you ingest – you become.

Food, emotions, actions and reactions all fall into the box – choose wisely.

What you hold – you are.

Habits, addictions, behaviours, compulsions, grudges, memories – all in the box.

Everything in the box then shapes you. It builds a box around you with higher and higher walls. It not only becomes your box it keeps you in the box with it. Your self made box becomes your prison and your fellow inmates are your past experiences and that which you have consumed. You choose them. Unconsciously or sub consciously you choose to keep them with you.

Many religions call the body our temple, some refer to our personal energy field as Karma.

Esoteric concepts are all very well however I prefer my metaphors and lessons realistic and memorable.

We live in a box – choose wisely.

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