Umbilical Disconnection

In the beginning

there was a cord

a connection

it kept me alive

yet I rarely think about it

It was part of me

Part of her

An organ

That they took away from us

that was just ours

our magical cord


Late at night

When the moon is round

and full

almost too bright

I cannot sleep

So I think

And I think


I think of her

I miss her

And it breaks me a little

a little part of me


Last night I realised

that not only do I feel the pain  in my chest

I feel it somewhere else

down lower

I feel it in the severed disconnect

of my umbilical cord

Along with another

for there beside the other

Are two tiny twisted

dried up stumps

once magical connections of their own

now they are grown

And I wonder if one day

or some days

they feel it in their own


umbilical cords

It fed them

as I was fed

It was broken off

yet even as it bled

it sent its ghostly tracers

deep inside our hearts

Attached psychically

if not physically


Children to their mothers

An ancient bond

Continuing on


Though they’ve tried

The medical Dons

Mostly women themselves

The don’t understand

This is beyond medicine

Or science to comprehend

It’s nature at its most natural

I once read an article

which said

That around the time of the full moon

all women feel the pull

of the umbilical connection

Which keeps us locked to our source

and those to whom we give birth

It is a magnetical magical earth

Power to the source

A tidal wave of current

drawing us back

Or at least our thoughts

to that place




those that have loved us

and we them

To what we sprang from

and into

As I stare out the door

at the moonlight cross the floor

I think of her

and them

and the source

of all connection

Puzzle pieces falling into place

God’s grace

The moons face

I think of all those women

and those phantom

umbilical cords

Those that have died

but still ache

The whole human race


Born the same way

Dying the same way

Connected the same way

It makes you wonder if that alone

were not enough

To cease

Being so



4 thoughts on “Umbilical Disconnection

  1. Very beautifully written. This is so profound about the connection of motherhood and the umbilical cord. I hope my comment makes sense, this poem is just beautiful! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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