Stars and Jet Streams

Why do we wait for falling stars

On which to place our dreams

When morning skies are a glimmer

With shining tails of travelling streams

We can choose to wait and study

Night skies till we are dead

Or wake and get up early

And look up then instead

For once the dream of flight

Was just an impossible fantasy too

Now they’re common as daisies

And even make it to the moon

So I’d rather align my wishes

On a fantasy  come to  pass

Then wait around and wonder

On the funeral march of stars

In the dawn of every morning

Is where the pure potential lies

Where we can really make a difference

If we keep our chins up high

Don’t look down or to those around you

Just watch a plane as it goes by

For if that is heavy metal flying

Then all we have to do is try.



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