Brain Waves about Wifi

I woke up thinking about Wifi this morning. It was one of those half asleep half awake moments when the brain connects several dots at once and hands your subconscious a download of the issue. It doesn’t always make sense but it usually points the way towards something that possibly will – with a little research.

I decided to read into it (Wifi) a bit further and confirm a few suspicions – this is a little google pot of links if you’re at all intrigued.

Link 1 – 10 shocking effects about Wifi

Link 2 – Studies reveal That Wifi is damaging to the brain

There are a plethora of other studies and articles about Wifi and mobile phone usage and the effects on the human body and brain.

There are also counter theories which claim it is all rubbish. I don’t need the counter theories because  I have already connected the extension of Wifi throughout our home with several issues I had been experiencing  and had also witnessed in the rest of my family.

It also explains (at least to me) how energised and healthy  I become after travelling on the motorbike into remote locations (that don’t have Wifi or mobile phone coverage). Although I sleep soundly and am tired at night when travelling. I wake up bursting with energy – something which just doesn’t happen at home.  I usually arrive back home supercharged and on a high – unfortunately the effects don’t last long before my screens and router sap all the good stuff out of me and I’m back to being half fatigued and distracted.

Recently an abundance of juicing and good food have helped my energy levels – but not to the degree that it should. Now I know why.

I think our devices actually drain energy from our circuits and that we are drawn to them to try and recover it which also explains the widespread addiction to smart phones and other Wifi devices.

Yes that was one of my mad o’clock in the morning thoughts yet internally I can feel the truth of it or something close to it.

That is the thing with intuitively knowing something – you may not be able to explain it in a cohesive way to another person but you nevertheless know it to be true.

So much of the modern populace is out of control and fundamentally living a distracted existence. Wifi is an invisible corrosive invader that is now almost impossible to escape from. Whether you believe in the damaging effects of Wifi or not is of little consequence – we are now lumbered with it.

Here is a trailer of the movie Mobilise which is compelling viewing


4 thoughts on “Brain Waves about Wifi

  1. There’s definitely something that saps my energy when I’m in front of the pc’s screen (but not as much in front of my tablet). Yes, it might be wifi… but I’m not sure it’s this reason entirely. There are wifi waves outdoors too, you know? Actually probably more than in our homes. And, in various natural places you’ll experience radon. Rather, I think the difference between indoors and out is the oxygen levels and the content of the air. Have you heard of ‘sick house syndrome’? (Sometimes known as ‘sick building syndrome’.) Look it up.

    As for wifi radiation causing brain cancer n(as one of the articles at least, mentioned) – my dad died from a brain tumour (a type of cancer) and had never, ever had a mobile phone or been near a computer with or without internet. People have been getting cancers for far longer than we’ve used wifi.

    Not saying it isn’t true, just that I think there is more to it than that.

    Off topic: I have a new post!

    • Hey Val yes the articles explored far more extensive studies then I have delved into and yes Wifi is everywhere these days but we live out of town so we can make adjustments easier then most. Glad you have a new post will check it out 😊

  2. Nothing in innocuous. Newton’s Laws of Physics state that an effect on the world from these “harmless waves” is a physical necessity.

    • Yes Jeff I believe that energy cannot help but affect other energy and since all life forms are pure energy then even though we cannot see it happening it is. There are more things which are unseen then seen in this world of ours. It’s pretty fascinating to contemplate though more than a little scary as well 🤔😬😷

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