Happy New Year

I have just come back from breakfast. 

A cacophony of sound as people gathered to eat and talk in groups. I could hardly hear myself think – which was nice for a change. Instead I sat back and let the discordinant orchestra play around me. 

The standout performance was from a lady on our right although top marks to the man at the head of the table several conversations over. 

Before breakfast I was at the beach where I watched an elderly man practicing Tai Chi – after my swim. Mesmerising. Peaceful. 

Before the Tai Chi, I was swimming.

A lady beside me in the waves was wearing a white strapless bikini. Despite the look of passionate enjoyment on her face – she soon had to retire to the beach – a white bikini and strapless is somewhat unstable in the heave ho of the surf. She spent most of her time in the water with her hands covering her boobs to keep them contained.  

Such a pity – the water was divine.

I had to swim with others this morning  because I spent my usual time pondering and writing, so missed the silent solo dawn swim. 

It was very revealing. 

The others and I.

The ocean is a great leveller.

The man covered in suncream full length sunsmart rashie and a hat and sunglasses – almost afraid of the sun – bodysurfing beside the bloke wearing only speedos and a grin.

Everyone so different – all connected by a love of the water – the ocean. Standing around waist deep, neck deep – further out bobbing about watching the waves roll in and a chorus of “happy new year” “happy new year” abounding.



Wishing for a happy new year.

We are all connected. Us – you – me –  here on the ocean of the internet – surfing the net – isn’t that what they call it?  

My beach swim turned euphemism for the purposes of this post.







Whole countries – the world – our phones – our computers – all little connections bobbing about wearing different clothes, different moods, different – yet the same.

And the year is turning over for all of us. 

 πŸ„ Happy new year β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ„ may it be a great smiley one of tolerance, love and peace.

A girl can wish.

It is a new year after all πŸ˜‰β€οΈπŸ˜Š

Oh and a little haiku since it is becoming a new addiction.

Pure potential awaits. It is a new year and a new day. Greet it like a new person or…

Like a butterfly. 😘

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