A new year of pure potential

I like to swim at dawn
When no one else is on the beach

And few are in the water

Usually just a couple of surfers

Way out the back – bobbing on their boards and paying homage to the rising sun

As a swimmer

It breaks every rule in the safety book

Don’t do it

And don’t listen to my advice either

Make your own decision 


If like me

You prefer no company

In your head 

Or in the wave beside you 

You’ll love it 

A little advice

Make sure you know what you’re doing

Know the water

Be a strong swimmer

Know what a rip looks like
Know what to do if you get caught in one

Know how to get out of it

Don’t go out to far

And always observe the conditions

Control freak talking 

Sorry back to the story


Cold slap to ankles


Belly sucked against the cold encroaching



Head under

Now you’re in

Feel the pull and sway

Then relax

Alert and aware

And enjoy it

For there is nothing on this earth 

So enjoyable

As being alone with the great Mother ocean at dawn with only the sound of her breathing to break the silence of your still empty head 

This morning she whispered to me

Of many things

As I drifted and lifted

In time with her rocking arms

This morning she told me about choice

And how I was doing it all wrong 

She sent a wave to slap and batter

I slid under it

Felt it roll powerfully over my head and body

Then popped up again

She sent another

Not yet broken

Rising up large and slightly daunting 

It dared me

And I leapt into its arms 

Surfed down its side



As it carried me in its 

Sweeping storming embrace



Theft of bikini bottom

Yank it up laughing

Rubbing salt water out of my eyes

Turn and spin

Stride back in

Determined  to catch another


Glance back to the beach

Get my bearings 

I’ve drifted north

Wade check wade 

Good to go





What will I be sent this time?

So nice for my inner control freak

To be out of control

Away from the wheel

I could feel

The magic of pure potential

Pulling and stretching

Which is when she told me

The Ocean

Showed me

What I had been doing incorrectly

With regard to choice

I thought choice was a declaration



I had been trying to create good habits

Plan ahead

Set goals

Making a bit of a mess

My entire life – always trying to get it right

And failing 

Here I was adrift in pure potential

Anything could happen

And I saw it – felt it



You can’t set neat and tidy parameters 





So rigid

Rigid doesn’t work

Choice is a moment by moment decision

It is not a set and forget habit

Or it shouldn’t be

And trying to do that

Was not working for me

Life is an ocean

You can’t turn your back on 

You can’t sit on the shore and watch it from a safe distance

Or you miss it and the point of living

You can’t wade in with a lack of awareness or it will drown you

You must choose

Every moment

Every second

What is the best way to handle this

Or that

And you must choose 

Or life will choose you into submission

No that is not the way 

You must play

With a smile or a tear or several great lumps in your throat and a heart full of courage

You must play 

Don’t walk away

Don’t sulk and pout 



Pay it the respect of your full attention


And only then

Will you begin

To understand the ocean and your place in it

Or that’s what she told me this morning

Tomorrow it could be different

In half an hour it could be changed

I could be


In five minutes

A second

And now you’re getting it

Waves of pure potential

With nothing the way it was before

Or will be



We humans are the only ones who meet each day with the mindset of the one before it

And expect a different result 

Pure potential is the only way to start the morning and carry it through the rest of the day, the month, the year

No resolutions from here

Just open and clear

To the field of pure potenital

Happy new year

May it be a good one for all and all you hold dear 


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