Mental Post It Notes

It occurred to me that I haven’t done a post about books for awhile.

Because I haven’t read any.

I’ve been too busy and plus

Some days you wonder if all the books in the all world are worth it anyway

(Which is a funny thing for a book lover to say)

I mean

I can read a hundred books on how to be a better person

And still fuck it up and hurt someones feelings

In an instant

On a whim

Caught up in the sniff

Of a passing foul mood

Or swear like a brainless fool

Like I just did

(Though I did read somewhere that highly intelligent people swear more than the ignorant – which caught my interest for a moment but – then – I have heard some pretty dumb people say some pretty awful words so…)

Because sometimes I just do

Behave badly and I cannot find another adjective that quite suits my current irrational mood

It is the same with diet

God knows if it has gone into print I have tried it


I still eat things that are really, really bad for me

Even though I can tell myself exactly why

to an iota and a jot

why not

I shouldn’t

And in those dumb, numb, worthless moments

I wonder at the hours I have spent

immersed in the pages of some book

Not to mention the sinful amount of money I have handed over in my never ending thirst for knowledge



doesn’t stick


So I will tell you this

This one thing I know for sure

The only lessons and knowledge that glue themselves to you

like mental sticky notes

that you simply cannot lose

are the mistakes you make

and the lessons you take away from your own life.



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