Make up – A Review and Points of View

As usual I cover a fair bit of ground in this one post

  • Trinny London make up review
  • Issues on the emotional impacts of make up and a request for your thoughts on the topic

I’ve always had concerns about make-up

As a bit of a late bloomer I didn’t really feel confident about applying it and for most of my life I stuck to really neutral “safe” shades when I did.

Then just when I began to dabble again along came the Kim Kardashian look of heavy contouring and mask like make up that took ordinary to extraordinary

And it all looked very tricky and fake

Not for me thank you

I found my natural cruelty free brands and stuck to them like glue, didn’t use much and found them to be very much in my comfort zone – no big change to my looks. I could recognise me, slightly less freckles me and sometimes (if I was feeling crazy) some mascara, eyeliner or a bit of neutral toned lipstick.

But there I was plain and simple but me.

Then recently I found Trinny Woodall and her products – Trinny London.

You may know Trinny as one half of the Trinny and Susannah fame from about a decade ago – I was addicted to these two ladies and their make over shows – watching women transform not just on the outside but on the inside too as Trinny and Susannah took them in hand

The impact of that truth bomb “if you look good you feel good” has never been more apparent then when watching a really good make over show. Women (and men at times) didn’t just change their look they transformed their lives and became fresh new people capable of anything

But back to talking Trinny stalking

It began on Utube, moved to Instagram and now once again I have a serious addiction to this woman and her infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Trinnys latest venture is makeup and she and her team have come up with genius little pots that all stick together – you can apply it in the car with your fingers, it is that simple and portable

Most of all I love her ethos

Less makeup more skin

Less coverage all over but beautiful pigments adding pop and colour to what you already have

Because of the rise of The Kardashian look and social media competition I see so many young gorgeous women (and gorgeous older ladies) wearing too much make up

Trinny is getting rid of that

But she isn’t leaving us bland and blah either

Far from that

Her no nonsense 2 minute applications, beautiful products and easy laugh had me convinced I could surely tackle this makeup thing

But I’m in Australia and far away from being able to wander into a shop and test the colours for a match

More genius

The Trinny London website has a “match to me” service where you simply put in hair eye and skin colour and you are matched to products (and models wearing the makeup – for more assurance) that will suit you.

If truly in doubt you can send in a picture of a naked faced you and the professionals will help out.

I ordered Wednesday – my parcel turned up the next Monday and I immediately began practicing


Yes using the products is easy but a couple of things like the miracle blurr are better after a few tries and the places you will find to use it are endless – I like it on my lips – it gives me a better finish and is sort of like a builders bog for those wrinkles and creases – yet really light so that you forget you are wearing it and nobody else knows!

All the make up is incredibly light and moisture intense – perfect for our very dry climate where powder is just not an option.

So this is a (very courageous photo) of day one

With bright Swainey lip in the main photo and Pia in the top right hand – the bright lip is best with bright colours (Trinny wisdom) and the softer lips with softer colours.

I am still looking at the picture of me finally wearing a bright bold lip which I have hardly ever done.


The stacks are minimal and easy to store and pack – line, lip and eye brushes all click neatly into one another so again – no mess and no lost stuff.

I’m not the sort to give a makeup review and this blog is not that sort of a blog but

I just love these products so much I can’t help it.

Is there anyone else loving Trinny London Makeup?

Or what are your thoughts on make up in general – do you wear it, love it, hate it, stick to safe or boldly flaunt it?

On thinking about make up I found I do have a few issues around it

My father hated it. All my Mother ever wore was a minimal look although I know she would have loved to dabble more.

Do some men hate the make up itself or do they find the confidence and self esteem that it brings to their partner unsettling?

Some women find make up a contrivance that insults their feminist principles

Other women think to not make the best of who we are insults their feminist principles.

Some ladies don’t think make up has anything at all to do with looking attractive to the other sex and is all about feeling good about themselves

Some ladies feel undressed without make up and find it empowering

For others it is quite the opposite and they find it more empowering to free their face from products after a lifetime of wearing too much

My husband loves it when I slip into girl mode and put on make up and dress with care. He isn’t threatened at all but some men I think do find it confronting –


It is a bit of an emotional minefield for some people?

I would love to hear your thoughts on all things make up so drop them below.

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Make up – A Review and Points of View

  1. I agree. Any makeup/makeover is all about feeling good about oneself. I believe that confidence and a smile on your face is all you need to attract people.

  2. greetings, it certainly is a great day

    not just because I read this insightful post
    on a topic, my mind usually doesn’t find
    interesting at all

    Or because I reached the 200 follower milestone thanks to you

    But mostly because your follow led me to this blog
    Which I find so multifacetedly fascinating.

    As to my thoughts on makeup
    I have always had concerns concerning
    whether or not it is right – not to expose the true you to the light
    Or whether it is bad to look through the mask of make up
    In order to feel just right – so you can take on the night.

    When I was younger
    The simple me did not mind
    looking at red lips licked by lipstick
    a little eyeliner and not too much mascara.
    Or holding hands with a bland girl
    With freckles in the face
    Smiling like a poker player holding an ace.

    But one day, when I grew to be older and bolder
    The poet in me
    had the courage to fall for a tall lady
    that was a make-up artist and she had an attitude
    so infectious it infected me with the enthusiasm
    to always want to be near her.

    So now because of this, I think
    back then I had the fear of being near
    women that make many men leer
    because perhaps I did not feel confident enough
    in who I was, so I naturally did not like make-up.

    But now, the philosophizing poet in me
    That was born from a desire to write about beauty
    Has convinced me that for some
    Make-up makes them feel
    like they were in a mansion of merriment
    And so because of this, they too begin to feel happy
    And this then makes them beautiful on the inside
    Not just on the outside.

    • Thankyou so much for sharing your unique perspective and story – yes I believe if it is something that makes us feel beautiful and happy then we should do it because as you said happiness and confidence is infectious. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers and I’m sure you will reach many more because you are a kind person who is honest and connects with people easily. You are also a talented poet and I look forward to your posts 😊

      • you’re more than welcome,
        as i’m always happy to tell a story of my hell to writers like you who have a will to empower people so that they can bud into flowers.

        i too look forward to a future where i eat more of your posts for breakfast, lunch and supper
        because they nourish me with inspiration and that is all i wish as it helps me grow
        into a better poet.

  3. I can’t go a single day without wearing makeup. Even if I were to sleep all day, at some point i’d eventually put on my makeup. And I rarely even see anyone besides my children! Lol… I spent the last two years living without my husband who was away on business, and still I wore my makeup everyday. I guess it leaves me feeling empowered? Once my makeup is on, I feel ready to get things done. It’s such a strange thing, but I’ve always been this way, even from an early age. And btw… you look beautiful in your pictures. I’ll have to check out this Trinny London that you speak of. I’ve never even heard mention of this brand at all. Hope you’re having a great week! I’m enjoying your posts! 🙂

    • Thankyou so much for your comments and kind words! I never used to wear makeup much unless I was going out to dinner or to a meeting but now I apply makeup as part of my morning routine and I love how – like you say – I then feel ready to get things done. 😊 I enjoy your posts too, have a great day and no doubt we will chat again soon ✍️

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