Self esteem vs Soul esteem

It struck me yesterday morning whilst walking

It came to me in a question

What does high self esteem really mean with regards to the ego

Is it not a thing that builds our idea of ourselves higher

And therefore builds yet another useless extension to an imaginary house of cards

And if this is so

Does it follow that high/healthy self esteem is merely a construct and support system that the ego creates around itself

Like armour

If so

Then what is better than healthy self esteem – what should we be reaching for instead?

And by better I mean

What is real?



I cannot rest in ego because that is something that can be torn down and trampled

Where then can I rest my esteem

if not in me

Or I

The me that is still me when I’m asleep

My soul

How do I build high soul esteem?

How do I have a healthy soul experience?

Is it even worth it – because the soul really does not need these things

It just is

Which of course is when I relaxed


Because when we talk in terms of our soul

We are timeless fearless spirits having a human experience

Nothing can hurt nothing

Because we are connected to everything and therefore nothing really matters

Which is a difficult concept to explain

I knew it

But I couldn’t explain it

It is worth explaining however because of the wonderful true sense of peace and true confidence that comes from knowing you have healthy soul esteem (which no one – not even your own negative thoughts can deteriorate) vs healthy self esteem (which is as fragile as the opinion of your closest friend) which is as it should be because if you ignore all opinion (even those that love you dearly) then you may be bordering on arrogance rather than revelling in a healthy self esteem

Like I said

It’s difficult to explain

So I went to the man who knows the ego inside out and who would surely explain it all

I typed into google Elkhart Tolle (yes spelling error as well – God bless Google who knows what we are on about more than we do ourselves) and self esteem

This video was the result and a far better explanation then my own – you will probably have to visit Utube to watch it and I don’t know why the thumbnail isn’t showing but Utube is only a click away and like I said – it’s worth it if you are interested in such things.



Have a lovely day!

Header image: Perth WA

8 thoughts on “Self esteem vs Soul esteem

  1. I LOVE this. And I love how you so succinctly described that rollaround from the ego to the soul and finding that space where you both kinda fall into yourself and let go of yourself at the same time and all the space opens up. How amazing is that space.

    • Hi Sue – it is the most wonderful feeling of relaxation. I think life is like a game – you know we can’t get to one level without going through this other level – and if you do the wrong thing you get shot back down but then at least you know the steps – it becomes easier the second time around – but that first time there are absolutely no cheats – you can read all the enlightened books in the world but until you literally push yourself through that level via your own experience – you cannot get there. I don’t know what level I’m at now but I have a nasty feeling that if I begin to get complacent about it I will wind up on my bum at the bottom again 🤪😁 keep playing and enjoy the game I guess 😊

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