Refactoring is not enough

To bend a stick breaks it

If pushed too far

Everything snaps

It’s who we are

Real things

Are fragile

The neck of a bird

That flies into glass

The necklace I pull in anger

And the pot

That drops

On my clumsy way past

Behind all these things

And in everything that we do

Is pressure

And focus

And attention

Energy too

We humans are so blunt

And bumbling

Working with only what we can see


This did that because I pressed this

Moved that

Didn’t pay attention

But we miss the point

We are vibrational beings

And every action that we take

Has a whole chain of consequences



Into another sphere

Every thought we have

Every decision made

Is toppling dominoes

Somewhere we can’t reach

And we can sit paralysed by this fear

Of all those unknown



Or we can learn the art of refactoring

Within our own sphere

Changing the software

In here

But it’s not enough

We need to dig deeper

“Refactoring is the process of changing software system in a way that does not change the external behaviour of the code but improves its internal structure.” Martin Fowler. Refactoring preserves valuable behaviour patterns whilst discarding those which no longer serve us, it simplifies and deletes the murky time consuming clunky chains of command.

What you end up with is clean code and an optimised system.

Ever had a computer blue circle, freeze up, slow down, jam up?

Frustrating isn’t it?

And that’s what happens to us humans all the time.

We are just computers. These things – we have produced on our own likeness because that is all we can comprehend, our own likeness.

When a machine or a system produces an outcome which we expect, because we have pushed a few buttons, we think nothing of it.

As humans, we expect different behaviour, yet we keep pushing the same damn buttons and we refuse or cannot even see that it is our inner code that is writing our system.

Then we have an aha moment and we begin to refactor

Once we have refactored the code, and improved the structure of our internal system then and only then can we hope to begin overhauling the entire system. We can’t buy a whole new body but we don’t have to.

The body renews itself constantly and it builds itself from the choices we make ie exercise, food etc, what it can’t do – is upgrade the internal software – the mind does that.

Which is why diets fail and gym memberships lapse, because the mind is stuck in a pattern that it loops back to.

Unless we change our habits.

Unless we refactor but that’s not enough

Our phones come with upgrades

Our televisions come with upgrades

It is not enough to sit and visualise a better future

It is not enough to write some affirmations on a slip of paper

It is not enough to do yoga until our hamstrings a supple

It is not enough to meditate until the world goes quiet

It is not enough to choose better habits.

It is not enough to just refactor our code

These are all good things but dig deeper

Underneath all these things is an even deeper program and that is the subconscious

This is the part we have to reach to enact true change that will begin to change itself without us even having to think about it.

And change that changes itself is called lifting our vibration

Not just for a gap

A few minutes

Or half a day

Change that changes itself

Walks up the stairs by itself, we don’t even have to try

Which is good because as anyone who has tried to lift their vibration knows

Trying doesn’t work


We need to look deeper than just refactoring our codes

For anyone who has struggled to “lift their vibration” ala Abraham Hicks explanations

You are working with human eyes and a human mind on something you cannot see

In essence you are trying to think

Or I do anyway

So perhaps it would be better to see it this way

It works for me

You are a computer

Your brain is running the same data over and over from an old outdated server that no longer serves you

Upgrade your system

Watch inspirational videos

Read the books

Eat well

Meditate yes

Exercise yes

But keep digging deeper

Change your code yes

But keep going

Why am I having this thought

What does this mean

Write it down

Take the leap to new behaviours

Does this work

Keep doing it

No this is not working



Keep it light

You’ve got the rest of your life

Keep pressing print

And see what happens

If you don’t like what you see

Keep adjusting

Keep playing

Living this life is a constant chance to adjust, we do it unconsciously anyway so why not choose.

Header photo -Arnos wall Winton Qld – this man built a wall and inserted objects into it as he went. Which is what we do every day when we think and act, so it seemed appropriate here.

8 thoughts on “Refactoring is not enough

  1. I very much enjoyed this piece. As people, we are capable of reworking our code to change our patterns, but I think part of the problem is lack of awareness — that people just don’t realize they’re creatures of habit. That said, I think the same method could be applied to editing a story. The story is the same, but the content is refined to a better overall structure.

    • So many rabbit holes to disappear down here! Yes editing of self is the same as editing a story – once we realise we are just stories ourselves and that actually we are in charge of the direction of our lives not fate…everything changes –

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