A couple of books

And a light hearted review. I’m not turning this into a career but I e read a couple of good books this week by other bloggers and thought I would share.

Since writing my first poetry book I have realised that poetry is a rather hard sell particularly to someone who is not a pushy kind of person.

Nevertheless I admire those who write, publish and then continue to push their wheel barrow uphill by themselves

These two poets are completely different (as many poets are) but I thoroughly enjoyed both books and highly recommend them to anyone who loves poetry.

River Dixon is also a blogger who writes @thestoriesinbetweentheblog

Phillip Scott Knight is a blogger that writes @phillipkscott and

Ava is a delightful extrovert who is adept at climbing twitter ranks – she can be found on twitter @AvaLeeMosley

Her book “The Human Experiments” is not my usual thing but this woman can certainly write erotica. I’m struggling with sex scenes in my fiction wip at the moment and Ava gave me some tips. Her book is a great racy well written short read. So there you go three good books and all completely different maybe there is something in there for you – 

8 thoughts on “A couple of books

  1. I follow both of these bloggers and have a book by one of them. We definitely have a talented group of writers here on WP.

  2. You have a supportive heart which shows in your poetry and comments. I also admire River Dixon and he was one of the first poets I followed when joining WordPress and have purchased two of his books.

    • I really enjoyed Rivers books, will be buying more – he helps out others too – I like people like that – good morning Len – I look forward to your comments each day and your writing am still thinking about the one you wrote the other day – the cryogenic one. It was really great.

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