Beautiful mornings

I’ve been sad for a few days

I’m absorbent like that

Melancholy grabs my head

Sits on it like a gargoyle

This morning

My dogs

The cows

I walked away from my gargoyle

Left it by the side of a dusty track

It will creep back


Always does

Comes looking for love

But for now

It’s a glorious morning!

Playing with stories for my Instagram

The cows – calves really – come running to join us on our walk – at least as far as they can and it makes me laugh

Maybe you need a smile too

17 thoughts on “Beautiful mornings

    • Oh that’s just the little group – there is another big herd that they are going towards – I love them they are so curious and gentle and funny – makes the dogs nervous when they rush us though 😂

  1. Nothing like the great outdoors to chase away the blues. When I visited my mother in Ireland we were surrounded by cows. Had to make sure the gates were always closed when the farmers shooed them from one field to another.

  2. Some days it feels like I have a herd of gargoyles on my head, what a delightful description.

    Your posts have become a part of our nightly routine. I on my heating pad, smothered in CBD ointment for pain, red wine in hand, Jase and Cricket the cat puttering about while I read out loud. Welcome to the family! 🙂

    • It’s not a good idea to name cows – I fall in love with all of ours and it leads to great sorrow when they are sold – hence I don’t think we will have any more because I’m pretty awful when I’m upset about something

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