Spoken word – God is Juggling

Something a bit different to celebrate my excellent pedicure this afternoon 😁

A spoken word poem shot on location at my front gate

Not a big budget but sure to rake in plenty at the box office 😂

– I always feel a bit naff doing spoken word videos however I love watching others so I’m hoping my self consciousness is just because I’m hearing myself on video.

Regardless – I’m going to do more so, every now and then they will pop up – particularly in my insta stories.

25 thoughts on “Spoken word – God is Juggling

    • Ahh well if you like it George then I will persist over the feelings of naffness and continue – thought it might be good for Instagram stories – little sound bites sort of thing – words can be used in so many different ways – wonderful little beasts they are 😊

      • I struggled with Instagram and gave up in the end a few months ago, but yours is a great idea. The understated captured sounds makes the whole piece real; go with your voice – whether you meant it to be there or not. Result. I wish I had more time for sound art ~ George

      • I could play with words all day – the many ways that you can use them to capture attention – endless – I know the more time thing I go to bed late and get up early and still don’t have enough time to do everything I want to aaaaasnd get my paid work done

    • Oh Thankyou! I’m not sure if my body is –
      I’m wide awake in the middle of the night writing poetry but I have had 4 hours sleep and will be able to go back to bed once I get this poem out of my head – I’m going to persist with the voetry –
      As usual it will be a long march over the mountain of my own self consciousness to get there 😂

      • If only we could see ourselves the way others see us. You have nothing to be self conscious of. You’ve got a voice for an audiobook. I’m picky about audiobooks!

      • I agree – I see so many people that struggle that really shouldn’t if they could see how great they are. The mind isn’t very kind when it thinks about itself sometimes which makes you then think – you’re a voice in my head judging a voice in my head ? Really how seriously Can I take this 😂😂😂crazy 😜 thanks for your support I appreciate it so much.

  1. Love it! You have the prettiest voice, and this is such a beautiful poem. And combined with the outdoors and the sunset made it the perfect combination of everything.

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