14 thoughts on “The muse is a cat

      • I grew up hating Cohen and Joni Mitchell because my dad would play the stuff 24/7. I never studied his work at uni. Only when he died did I take a real interest. So glad I did. With your piece today I’ve picked up on the random – it could have been other words, but these are the ones I picked out as Cohen type thinking.
        ‘I’m going to a funeral today, For a little boy, Who died at play, In a backyard swimming pool’
        ‘A weed that will twist in their hearts forever’
        ‘Perhaps we each can take away, Some little piece of parent pain, If only there were enough mourners, To shoulder the blame’
        Famous Blue Raincoat was in my head reading them. The subject matter re both aren’t that similar, although both deal with loss. I wish maybe that at uni they gave me Cohen to research/analyse. Anyway, I really like your words ~ George

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      • Oh George I’m so glad you pointed him out to me – I’ve heard him – his name – in the ether – particularly around his death but never looked him up – after you said that this morning I went and bought one of his books on iBooks and started doing some light research (Pinterest for quotes etc) which sounds vague and flippant but a persons thinking is in their words – we can’t hide from them – it just shows up there in our words. Anyway – I am so pleased you bought him to my attention. I think I will enjoy his book.

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  1. “Because
    I don’t write
    I download.” I totally know that feeling. 😀 There are times when I’m writing, it feels so right and the words are flying so fast. It’s like I’m not writing. I’m transcribing something that already exists. It’s somewhere between awesome and amazing when that happens.

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