Feeling lucky? Remember to make your own

Luck is lurking

It waits in your dark spots

On a shelf

Quietly gathering dust

And lint

Just out of sight

Slide your hand in

Find a $10 note from last year



Waiting for you to smile again

Remember it

When you’re happy it comes so easily

When you’re sad

There is none to find

And sometimes when you’re neither


One nor the other

It just appears

Like a stubbed toe surprise

That doesn’t hurt

But rather relieves the pressure


The thing about luck

Is it’s something we cling to

We forget

It is fragile.

A spiders web to walk through

Soon gone

Like morning damp

As fickle as an imaginary friend

With whom I once argued


Is it real?


The picture is of adventure bikes parked along Main Street on a recent bike trip I did to Winton, an outback town 2 day’s ride from my home. As riders – we tend to throw our faith behind luck at least a little.

But is it real?

Punters out for a Saturday bet – some days luckier than others. Frowns, smiles, blame cast to luck or the lack of it.

But is it real?

I don’t know, but my theory is this. Luck is energy. When you are in a good place and buoyant with happiness – luck seems to smile more often.

Have you ever had one of those days when you burn your breakfast. The gas runs out while you’re in the shower – no hot water, squeal!!! Of course it is when you have just shampooed you’re hair so …that sucks.

Then your car breaks, you get an unexpected bill in the mail, in trouble at work



What if the energy you attracted early in the day is compounded as more bad things happen and you stay in that state of mind becoming increasingly off centre and cranky and distracted?

Instead – try and shake of every single bad thing that happens

After all it can’t hurt

And it can do a lot of good

But what about luck – is it real?

I don’t know but energy is real and it never lies

So I prefer to work with energy

19 thoughts on “Feeling lucky? Remember to make your own

  1. From an Ancient Vietnam Vet in Alaska, in an old log cabin, to a Thousand Bits of Paper down under in Australia, I Loved every word of LUCK, I am lucky my old heart is still beating, I am lucky when I wake in the morning and Thank the Sun for rising and gifting us another day of Life! I am Lucky when I see that Full Moon reassuring us that the Sun is still shinning, even tho it is shinning on the other side of our one and only Planet….I Loved every word YOU wrote, I had to read it three times to make sure I got it right! Thank YOU for a beautiful Poem……Old George in Alaska…. ________________________________

  2. The divine is real 🙂 It continues to show up even when I’m a raving lunatic. Today it was a basket of Christmas decorations headed to donation by a family I clean for. Jase and I don’t have a single decoration, but we will have all of our children for Christmas this year. Hooray, problem solved and off to donation they will go after the holiday.

      • I absolutely agree luck has a lot to do with the energy you put out and let in. I think a lot of people end up stuck because they’re not sure what to do next I feel like that’s what happened for me at least but luckily my mum helped me a lot with changing my energy.

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